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'Smite Evil' on < level 5 aligned characters

'Spiritual Weapon' Question

'Splain Baleful Polymorph to me

'Sprinter' vs 'Fast Sprinter' for 'Nimble Striker'

'Throwing + returning double weapon' questions


'true resurrection' as SLA

'Unearthly cold' and 'Cold Immunity' questions / problems

(3rd Party Rules Question): Torn Asunder: Bleeding Rules

(ACG) War Blessing Feat for Oracles?

(allowed) character creation?

(Almost) Instant Walls with Alchemy ... can work??

(APG) Character Archetype

(APG) Monk's Bastion Stance

(APG) Water School — wave question

(APG) What archtypes stack?

(ARG) Bonded to the land

(Bestiary) Skeleton / Zombie DR

(Bestiary) Troglodytes

(Bizzare?) Monk Wannabe - rules questions

(Boat) Barge travel distances

(craft golem) + (intelligent item) = (intelligent golem) ?

(Dreamscarred Psionics) Nomad's Step and line of effect

(Duelist) Precise strike + (Magus) Spell Combat ?

(ELI5)Dirty Trick Question(s)

(Errataed) Spirit Talker and Arcane Enlightenment

(Fire) Giants and Grease

(Generic) Hunter with Vermin Companion or Verminous Hunter with Planar Focus?

(Ghoul) Paralysis and Touch Attacks / Spells

(GM question) How specific does the trigger for readied actions have to be?

(Goblin) Snakes and Spellcasting

(Good) and (Evil), what happens with both?

(Great) Cleave question

(Greater) Magic Weapon on Cold Iron?

(Hopefully Easy To Answer) Question About Dragon Style

(Hopefully) a few quick spell questions

(hopefully) quick question about channel energy area

(Hopefully) Simple Question About One Spell / Effect Having Multiple Overlapping Areas

(il)legitimate uses of Readied Actions "Follow him around until he casts."

(Improved) Stalwart

(Intimidate) Demoralize: multiple attempts, duration, try again

(magus) arcane duelist build

(Monk) Fast Movement, High Jump and Acrobatics: Stackable?

(MultiClassing) Class Features and Level

(Mythic) Fickle Attack and High Damage Dice

(mythic) Pack Wild Shape - animal only?

(Mythic) Spellbreaker feat question

(Mythic) Touch of Rage & Unending Performance

(Paizo ruling request) Would Darkness spell be enough to prevent effects on vampires

(Paladin archetypes) Holy Guide + Sacred Shield?

(Pathfinder society)Medicine subdomain

(PF) Critical Hit Question

(PFS) Any way to know the more specific Stats for Absolom

(PFS) Anyone know if this has been answered?

(PFS) Armor and Tree form / Water Form

(PFS) Can a Martial Artist Monk take the Martial Versatility feat for Feral Combat Training?

(PFS) Can a Wolf Shaman Druid take the Wolf domain?

(PFS) can i cast a symbol spell and bring it out from one scenario to another?

(PFS) CS to open kitsune

(PFS) Eel Hide Check Penalty Question

(PFS) Exploiter Wizard Feats : Does Exploiter Wizard can selete Extra Arcanist Exploit feat?

(PFS) How Many In A Bag?

(PFS) Mad Dog Barbarian Unchained Questions

(PFS) Mithral Armor and Class Features

(PFS) Spellslinger / Arcanist Questions

(PFS) Spellslinger / Arcanist Questions

(PFS) Vishkanya Poison Use

(PFS) Weird interaction: bard evangalist of Irori

(Pfs)Making the most of Draconic druid multiclass, save the Drake

(Please clarify rules) Issue with enchancement bonus on unfinished 3rd party product.

(Possibly) newbish rules question

(Society) anthro+umd+wand

(Society) anthro+umd+wand

(SP) and spell perfection

(Sp) Mythic Spell Power. A question still needs answering

(Spell) Sunder and traps.

(Spellslinger) How does casting a spell through a firearm work?

(Su) Abilities cast time

(Su) healing abilities and CL checks to heal

(Su) one use per day: how to increase?

(tap) dancing shoes

(Tele) Kineteic Blade on monk weapons?

(UC) Armour Master Fighter Archetype plus Armour as DR?

(UC) Body Shield Feat and a Dead Gnome

(UC) spellslinger with 2 guns help

(UM) Synthesist question.

(Un?)Ressurecting an undead

(Unchained) Monk Bonus Feats

(Unchained) Rogue: Stealth + concealment

(Unchained) Variant multiclassing and AC

(Variant) Aasimar Race Traits?

(Yet Another) Magic Item Creation Question...

(Yet Another) Variant Channel Question

* Alchemist bomb question

*Burning* effect question

*delete me please*

*sigh* Grapple actions?

*Teleports behind you*

*Urgent question* Next session tomorrow

+ 10 Profane and +9 Sacred Armor Class Bonus on one shield, is it possible?

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