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Devil vs Ghost

Golems and Lantern Archons

Fungal Blisters

Feral mutagen with Multiattack feat

Shifter (scorpion aspect) poison

Solo Tactics and Escape Route Teamwork Feat

When the printed rulebook and the PRD conflict...

Making One Attack in a Full Round Action

Amulet of Mighty Fist x Bite attacks

What do you do when you Coax Information?

Amulet of Mighty Fist x Bite attacks

Amulet of Mighty Fist x Bite attacks

Beastmorph mutagen rules

Howl as free action

What part of Baleful Shadow Transmutation is a polymorph effect?

Guardian gorget and glyph of warding

Magical Knack and Paladin Buffs

Savage Slam and various grapple bonuses

Help with Glyph of Warding

Riffle Scroll Activation

Feral Mutagen and Improved Natural Attack

Maze and Aquatic Creatures?

Ravener hunter inquisitor and holy magic

Stacking Impervious (weapon) with Impervious (armor)?

Swallow Whole rulings

Unchained rogue finesse training + polymorph

Harm + Sneak Attack

is the Unicorn bloodline -Bloodline Arcana a supernatural effect?

Vigilante talent and Classe feat

Butchering Axe of Impact

1st level Grease question

Non harmful touch attacks vs. Mirror image

Tiny familiar on a medium creature

Do enemies on fire take extra damage from Sorcerer bloodlines?

We Broke Our GM, Never spill goblet+creat water

How to Create Land / Air Vehicles and ships for Pathfinder (1st edition)

Definition of size categories for objects

Null Psionics Field question

Can Cybertech be made out of special materials

Can you combine a Polymorph spell with size increase effect?

Slashing Grace and Flurry of Maneuvers

telekinetic maneuver(s) / telekinesis+grapple=???

Katana and weapon finesse

Mythic Domain Immunity (Hierophant)

Sayona bleed damage?

Can you combine a Polymorph spell with size increase effect?

Force Strike damage

Fabricate and Masterwork Items


Monk FOB and trip

Samsaran - Mystic Past Life Question

Casting suffocate on a non water breathing creature inside an Aquaeus orb

Shield of Wings access?

Reading Explosive Runes

Increasing Magic Item Caster Level

Newbie Question

Order of the Saddle Challenge with Ride-By Attack

Oracle's Bonded Mount and Sentience

natural attacks from items, when already have other natural attacks

Multiple Natural Secondary Attacks of Same Type

Changing Region of Origin

Succubus in a grapple.

SLAs and using Spell Triggers.

Roll with It (goblin racial feat) & secondary effects on a hit

How does it work? - Intimidating Performance

Zen Archer's "Trick Shot" and shooting out of LOS

When a dead creature stops being a creature? (Baleful Polymorph)

Patron Familiar, Animal and Improved Familiar, which trumps?

Ultimate Wilderness Tyrant Totem Question

Grabbing style without Monk or Brawler?

Terrakineticist Talent Selection

Drake Companion - Size Increase Modifiers


Boots of Planar Grounding + Eidolon = no banishment?

Gunslinger's dead shot deed

"Tenacious Spell" metamagic and "Vanish"

Standard Actions

Ankou's Shadow (Slayer Archetype) Shadow Double

Wall of Fire does not harm objects?

question about Table 5–52: 4th-Level Wands, from GAMEMASTERY GUIDE

Attempting to End Movement in a Square With An Invisible Opponent

Twinned Summoner Extra Feat Evolution question

Improvised weapon question

How many charges does it have - Crook of Cidhureen

Arcanist Archetype

Bloodline / Domain / Patron / Spirit / Etc. Spells and Spell-Trigger Items

Unchained barbarian stances on a howdah & ferocious trample

Headband of Vast Intelligence skill + skillpoints?

Detect magic

Charge, ready action and AoO with reach

Can a character have more than one favored prestige class?

Fast Healing from (Su)

Metamagic Feat Question / Clarification

Rods and maces

Converting skill DCs to 2E - any 1E reference table ?

Spell-like abilities and statblocks

Another Druid Herbalism Question

Obscuring Mist Question

Brawlers flurry and improved two weapon fighting

Witch Familiar skills and spells!

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