'for the next round' what does that exactly entail?

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Touch of Chaos (Sp): You can imbue a target with chaos as a melee touch attack. For the next round, anytime the target rolls a d20, he must roll twice and take the less favorable result. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Wisdom modifier.

It would seem to infer that it kicks in on the round AFTER the touch, and lasts until the end of the initiative order.

Or is it from the touchers till the touchers next action?

Or the touchees action till their next action?

The 1st reading inevitably gets a defensive response but it does allow clerics to use touches on themselves and benefit from things like touch of luck or from the debuff properties of say the touch of chaos on their opponents .. at the cost of a null round !


It probably means until start of your next turn.

From after the touch until the start of your next round the opponent would suffer the effect.

I know thats a common reading but it doesn't seem to follow the wording?

This I would think:

Or is it from the touchers till the touchers next action?

and as Skylancer says.

It would then suggest that if the target went before you in the next round the effect would take place as it says (take the worst of 2 d20's)

Then I would say if any other member of you're party went either afetr you in that round or before you in the next round and say cast a spell the required a save it would still have to take the same penalty.

When it came round to you again in the next round the touch wears off as you are now doing something else, unless you use it again of course.

thats how I read it anyway

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“For the next round“ shows up in a handful of effects:

  • Domain effects: Touch of Chaos (Sp) from Chaos, Bit of Luck (Sp) from Luck, and Agile Feet (Su) from Travel.
  • Equipment effects: Roar cord
  • Oracle archetypes effects: Spirit of Community (Ex) from Community Guardian, and Ki Curse from Shigenjo.
A lot of additional time-related phrases have been used since this thread was originally posted.
The phrase “for the next round” is distinct from the following phrases:

  • “for this round” (also “during this round” and “until the end of your turn”) - The effect ends at the end of the turn of the specific source that started the effect in the first place.
  • “until the beginning of your next turn” - Extends the above time period potentially allowing allies to take advantage of the effect during each of their standard actions.
  • “until the end of your next turn” - Even better. Adding on to the previous, this span of time might allow the effect's creator to stack standard actions with this effect twice, once during this round and once during its next round.
In my mind, what sets “for the next round” different from the other three periods listed is that it starts at the end of its source's turn and continues until the end of its next turn, basically only giving the source a single opportunity to stack its standard actions with this effect – the round after the effect was activated.

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