Rules Questions

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Brawler's flurry or flurry of blows as standar action

Can the Air Elementalist's Cyclone power move with him?

Staff charges

Prehensile Hair Hex Spell Text says "Hand"

Shieldmasters shield with weapon qualities based on weapon enhancement bonus?

Dwarven Scholar War Chant

Mythic Aerial Assault and Multiple Attacks on a Charge

Medium 5th and 6th level spells?

Alchemists, extracts, communal spells or item spells how do they work?

Great cleave + Cleaving Finish

Dwarven Scholar War Chant Requirements

Unchained Monk bonus feats: prereq skipping

"Do whatever you want / Kill foes in whatever way you want"-style suggestions.

Animate Dead Initiative

Do potion feats and class abilities work on oils?

Giving Feats out using War Chant

Would the fire burn or heal the person?

Eldritch knight and mystic theurge combination question

Spell preparation and multi-class casters

Does elixir of life (alchemist discovery last forever)?

Am I understanding these abilities correctly (Staff magus)?

Using spells to force Spellcasting Concentration Checks

Magus, Arcane mark and an extra attack, how?

Barbarian and claw attack

Spell Cartridge vs Wind Wall

Can a Troll Tourniquet regrow eyes?

Weather and movement rates

Darkness spell in cave lit by natural glowing fungus

Angle Fire Apostle Channeling, does it effect, those with the Shadowbound curse, who are not targeted by the channel

Stacking Ranger Bonuses

Would a thremindyr breath attack extinguish the fire from a campfire created by a campfire bead?

Does darkness go through walls?

Alchemist Mutagen and Low Intelligence

Question on oozes

Bodyguard + Mage Hand Magic Trick

Lingering Performance & Silence interaction?

Can you call a weapon out of a bag of holding / handy haversack (weapon quality)

How to gain "line of sight" vs. invisible targets for NON-CASTERS

Is there a way to increase a spell with a range of 0 ft.?

Glyph of Warding area

Call animal - what happens when it ends?

Would this be rules legal? Alchemist discovery combination.

Enhancement Bonus and Mage Armor

Domain spell at lower spell level

Whirling Dervish swashbuckler question.

Ghost's Telekinesis and Spell Resistance

Does Heroes feast provide food?

Archetype changes.

Masked maiden armor training

Spiked shield and armor + weapon enhancements

Is there any general rule that says forced movement does not provoke AoOs?

Enlarge person in Undead companions

Clumsy Slave and AoO

Witch Invoker 12 Harrower 4, Invoke Patron

Disguise Kit, Disguise Self Spell, and other bonuses

Magic Item advice.

Hardened Fists and Enlarge Person

Cohorts who cannot multiclass and VMC

Is someone using a Tower Shield hindered from making attacks past his selected edge from total cover?

Confused about the Necroccultist

rerolling a roll twice

Two-Weapon Fighting Sneak Attack?

Ooze companion

What is legal to play in Pathfinder?

Undead dire weasel

2nd Edition Small Barbarian with Giant Instinct

Druid Eagle Domain Hawkeye Duration.

Just a question about Dirge of Doom (Bard 8th level)

Bull Rush Damage by Siegebreaker + Bulette Style

Called Weapon Property & Sharpened Combat Scabbard

Spellcasting and full defense / fighting defensively

Clarification plz! Ring of Counterspells!

DC to hear a cast spell?

Plant / Beast shape question

Dimensional dervish and dimensional door

Fiend-Infused Shield Guardian Golem

Do Infusions work on golems?

trip vs ranged full attack

Alchemist starting extracts

Shape changing familiars and adjusting ability scores?

Zen Archer + Shaitan Style or Stuning Fist

Adamantine Armor DR Questions

Mirror Image and Hide in Plain Sight

Clarification on Eldritch Reciprocation and Possession / Possession Greater

Lord's Banner of the Crusades vs Darkskull

Quick Bull Rush Questions

Purge Spirit "Full Damage"

Dragon breath weapon and subtype inconsistency

Downtime Capital Spending Limit; per PC or per party?

Did improved familiar get an errata to remove it costing you speak with animals?

What kind of creature can serve as Combat Mount in PFS1?

Draw a Rod in a regular move without extra action?


Can you summon multiple unseen crews?

Ant Attack Question

Reading Scrolls under water

(Sp) / (Su) Abilities and "Reaping Strike"

Brawler martial flexibility and retraining just want to confirm this is correct.

What can alchemist easily make with Promethean Disciple?

Zen Archer + Shaitan Style or Stuning Fist

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