Rules Questions

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How many times can Blightburn Paste be used?

Negative channelin question


Negative channelin question


Incorporeal Creatures & High Tech Weaponry

Brevoy Bandit

undead vs kineticist

Sanity check: HHH Pact Wizard capstone and initiative.

Learning Spells w / o Rest

Does casting spell-like ability count as casting spells?

Pack flanking with ranged attacks

Need help finding price and ego of an intelligent item

The witch learns magic tricks called "Hexes" are these considered spells then? for the purpose of spell curse effect

Does vampiric focus stack with all levels?

Would these two stack?

Crane Wing and confirming critical threats

Wolf Shaman Wild Shape Question

Summoner Question

Spiritualist Fused Consciousness

castle building

Unhallowed Creature

Shadowdancer Summon Shadow ability

Rage-Cycling with Good For What Ails You and a Scarlet and Green Cabochon

Stunning Fist question


Decompose Corpse spell and Undead

sword of subtlety

Pathfinder Grand Inspiring Cognatogen Clarification

Activating an ally’s magic item as a standard action

Rules question regarding Planar Wild Shape Feat

Beast Shape / Polymorph Resistances

Beast-Bond Brand total uses?

rule question on unchained rogue / sorcerer

Does Fluid Form Help you Fight in Tight Spaces

Worm That Walks Question

Planar Infusions / hellfire

Use magic device for wondrous items?

Do you need to pay for your own spells?

Vampires vs sunlight

summoner synthesist

Minotaur brawler and Flurry

A few questions about clockwork familiars

Immediate Actions as Interrupts

How does SpellStrike work against Stone shield?!

(UMD) Emulate class ability - Book of the Loremaster

Arcanist archeyptes, am I correct you can't take both of these?

Wrist items for multi armed cohort

Inspire Greatness and +2 HD bonuses

When activating Scrolls by UMD, how to dice Concentration check?

Summoner's Eidolon summoning questions

Question about beast form 2, movement speed, and stat block

Dan bong grappling (useful?)

Shaman, can they take ritual hex on top of witch hex?

Secondary natural attacks combined with weapon attacks

Xoud's Touch bonus too low? (Iron Gods spoilers)

trip, reach, AOO


Hero's Display with just enemies?

Figment Familiar Questions

Couple of questions about the Dazed condition

Magus - Eldritch Archer TWF

The relationship between Inquisition and Domains?

Empower Spell + External Bonuses

Spike Stones - save per square or per move?

Spiritualist Phantom Phase Lurch and magic items

earth glide oracle

Question on saves and Spike Stones

Chill Metal - Rime Spell Interaction

dream eater template

What CR would that be?

multi-attack vs lycanthropy

Alchemical Allocation / Chalice of Communal Dweomer

healers hands vs cure spells

Magic item saving throw class ambiguity

go unnoticed with a vehicule

Differences / Leveling up w / Familiars vs Animal Companions

Bigger random encounter tables?

Kensai Magus / Monk

How would you calculate the weight for a synthesist?

Baze sizes for "long" monsters

one of my plyers has an animal companion with with int 7

Class skills of Familiars

Clashing Rocks, Cave-in, Collapse, Bury

Fire Seeds

Witchflame Bolt Range?

Masterwork pistol and misfiring

Reincarnate and Animate Dead / Create Undead question.

Heighten Spell (Metamagic) & Illusion...

Can you give a golem magic items?

A Question on Warpriest Blessings

How does Metamagic Spell Specialization Work?

Ogre Cohort?

Does Ashen Path work against mundane fog or smoke?

Boar Style: Way to make it Keen?

The Magus, the Monstrous Physique Spell, and the Multiweapon Fighting Feat

Mirror Image Again

Throwing shield and action economy.

Chaining different combat maneuvers.

Life Bubble and Radiation

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