Rules Questions

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Alchemist Swift Action Spells

Scorching Ray(s) and Sniping

Magic Trick Fireball (Cluster Bomb) Question

Oil of Taggit applied to bolts?

Greater Command can you change the command every round?

No Action Crossbow Reloading

Mythic: Beyond Morality and Divine Source Worshippers

Oozes and damage types

vital strike

Quad Int to damage?

Scaled Fist + Dazzling Display Oversight?

Does the spell Second Wind work if you die from an attack?

Skald / Spell Warrior - how does Weapon Song work?

Collective Vision Questions

Bonuses of the same type… for different things

If a troop surrounds a character via their shapable area, are they flanked?

Still Spell vs grappling?

How does Mythic Powerful Shape actually work? FAQ request.

Mobile Gathering while Earth Gliding

Spontaneous spellcaster, Death, and Loss of spells

Dispel magic and permancy

Question about style strike and archetypes

Grappling and readied action question

Witch hex Swamp's Grasp and Entangle

Questions about ring gates


Illustrious Urbanite Half-Elves?

Does the number of spells granted by the Dark Secrets Revelation change over time?

Polar Midnight 30 foot spread? Radius, Diameter, or cone?

Spell Perfection and these abilities?

Summoner - Summon Monster - Spell-like vs Spell

Dwarven War-shields and feats

Weapon Training and (Ranged) Touch Attacks

Geas / Quest, am I understanding this wrong, or is it completely broken?

Brilliant Planner Feat and Leftover gold

Spirit Totem Timing

Animal Ally and Mammoth Rider

Another question on downtime capital spending limits.

Player gave birth to Twins. Need Help with stats

Feign Destiny - Time is convoluted

Flying kick through an opponents square

Pouncing Mount and Mounted Skirmisher

Ashiftah Witch's Deliver Touch Spells ability

Polymorph from Tiny to Diminutive weirdness

Drawing a Weapon after Starting a Move?

Divine Hunter and Plains Domain?

Kineticist Ride the Blast + Mobile Blast

Vigilante, Leave an Opening talent, Surprise Round

Neili Robes / Ki robes

Rules Q- Very Large Characters & Attacks of Opportunity

So, Construct Channel Brick is pretty broken, yeah?

Does lightning reload work on a dragoon musket?

Guns while grappled

The cantrip "Mishap" and multiple uses of it


Identify spell effect step by step - little trouble

Table 5-2 of armor as damage reduction.

How to prevent Stun?

familiar skill / feat calculating

school undestandin in wizard

confusion about crafting prices on multibarrel firearms

Locate Object - exactly what does "kind" mean?

do multiple instances of ignoring hardness stack?

Baleful Polymorph + Awaken. Does it work?

Aoo against ready action

Painful Smite from Torture subdomain

Retribution hex. What type of damage can reflect?

Weapon Song and Virtuoso Performance

Can Prestidigitation be used to make a usable likeness for scrying?

Surge BLADE Monk??!

dispel magic vs confusion

White haired Witch and touch spells?

Any reason not to make a belt of in, headband of strength or socks of both?

Locate object and a thin sheet of lead

Using a rope to overcome a very high level illusion

Run Like The Wind Class ability question.

Could you use Locate Creature to find a specific intelligent magic item?

Fighter Trained Initiative and. Dueling / Training Weapon W / Quick Draw

prestige class question

Axial Monitor Attacks

Survival Skill to Create a Blind

Undead Anatomy

Can i attack a creature knocked prone from my overrun?

Attack of creature with many limbs


Need help understanding the pricing rules for wondrous items with charges per day

Unchained Monk Style Strike only during Flurry of Blows?

Bouda's Eye + Cackle

Question on speed and acrobatics

Summoning Celestial beings?


bull strenght


Sorcerer Levels and the Bloodline Development Arcanist Exploit

Nightripper demonic obedience question

Invisibility and interative attacks


Burning Entanglement: Transmutation for roots, evocation for fire?

How Bracers of celestial intervention work ?

How many spells of each witch know?

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