'Sprinter' vs 'Fast Sprinter' for 'Nimble Striker'

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Does Catfolk Exemplar: 'Fast Sprinter' qualify for the Nimble Striker Feat or do you have to have the 'Sprinter' basic racial ability?

I would think 'yes' based on the fact that one is pretty much identical to the other...

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As a GM I would allow someone to take the feat as a prereq for another feat(which is where i believe this is headed) not just use the base racial.

However, part of trading out the abilities is losing access to the things they spawn in the future, so RAW, hardliners (the ones who say that weapon training in one specific group like many fighter archetypes do does not count as the "weapon training feature" needed to use Dueling Gloves) probably would say keep the base racial and take the feat to get the thing you were trading for instead.

It says "Sprinter Racial Trait".

By RAW, you need the "Sprinter Racial Trait".

I'd probably allow it if you'd already blown a Feat to get the equivalent of your alternate (?) racial trait.

Most of the traits you get for trading the sprinter racial are also valid from taking Catfolk exemplar feat, I'd be on the safe side and just keep the racial and get the trade from the feat.

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