Rules Questions

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Muliticlassing from Barbarian

Beta to Core conversion?

Failing Acrobatics check to tumble

Caster Level & Traits

Multiclass caster concentration check modifier

Two Hand of the Apprentice questions

Mixed classes vs CR

Dazzling Display Intimidate DC?

I thougth I understood grapple... until Hamatula Strike

Bestiary: Doppleganger Errata question

Inflict Wounds, Mass

Magic Gauntlets, CMB grapple bonus?

Wall of Force

Wild Enchant for armor

Point Blank Shot, Weapon Focus

How do you "confirm" a critical fumble ?

Bracers of Archery

Can an Unseen Servant....

Bracers of Archery

Reflex save Vs. Immobilisation

Do wizard specialists start with cantrips from their opposed schools?

Attacks under Melee entry in Bestiary require a full round?

Racial natural armor, improved natural armor feat and wild shape

How do Critical Hits work in relation to making special attacks?

Fly Class Skill

Druid wild shape + Plant domain

Leadership with regards to high CR species

Smite evil + Crit?

Screaming Bolt

Draconic claws and AoO


Improved Vital Strike / Great Cleave

Question regarding UMD and spell trigger items

Spell Resistance and beneficial spells

noob on sorcerer

Mage's Disjunction

Storage Capacity

Lightning Stance

Question regarding the Blur Spell and Stealth.

Monk Speed Enhancement - adds to base speed?

Spellcraft check to identify spells in effect?

On the Charge

2nd Printing of Pathfinder RPG is it still due in November?

What is the SR of a Paladin's "Celestial" Mount??

Domain power questions.

Can you have multiple familiars?

Dire Bat Animal Companion

Wild Shape and Enlarge Person

Specific "typed" Bonuses

Sorcerers and scrolls

Outsider weapon proficiencies

Cleave, Mighty Cleaving and Great Cleaving

Distractions to hide

Half-Dragon Humanoid

Errata for Two-Weapon Fighting feat tree

Darkwood shields as weapons


Ranged Touch Spells, Cover & Firing Into Melee

Inconsistency in with channel energy save DC

Riding Dogs v. Wolves on the summon monster list

Critical threat range


Monster Bite + Power Attack

Pearl of Metamagic Power

Awakened animals and class levels

Sorcerers, Bloodlines, and Level 3 Bonus Spells

Time-consuming creation!

Goliath Spider Stats

Grid Combat

Any other benefits of using 2 light weapons?

Empowered Familiar Problem

Effect Bonuses Listing?

Rope Trick Question

Questions and Inquiries

Weapon Finesse and CMB

Casting Spells from Scrolls

Baleful Polymorph Utility

Unusual Paladin Mounts

Fighter's Armor Training

Crafting Magic Items

Newbish Question

Hit Dice and size changes

Rod of the Python clarification?

Armor Training and Encumbrance by weight

Applying Templates

Quick Critical Damage Clarification

Wild Shape and multiple attacks

Teleporting someone else out of a grapple

Salamander Attack Questions (Grab / Tail Slap)

Invisibility and grappling.

Skills for Monsters in the new Bestiary

Dual-Wielding and CMB

How many times HD of undead can a Cleric control at a time?

Wizards, School Slots, and PrCs

Can you Vital Strike and Spring Attack?

Wizard New Spells at Level

Natural caster levels and class abilities

Magical Lineage trait

Dimensional Steps

Hand of Glory magic item question

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