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Losing Darkvision

Amnesiac Psychic, and Cantrips?

Quintessentialist - The Exemplar's Ability Scores

Antipaladin Archetype question

Forgemaster Master Smith class feature

Spell Warrior Accepting the Song

Quick Monk Quesiton.

Create Demiplane, Greater Question

Fleet warrior and fleet charge

Crossblooded Nine-Tailed Heir?

How do pillars in the corner of a square impact movement?

Multiple Allies Sharing Spaces via Shared Teamwork Feat Rat Stack

Frightful Presence

Purify Food and Drink?

Differently Sourced Channel Energy Abilities and Feats Question

5 Foot Step and Grapple

Spell Perfection and Preferred Spell

Question about "Dread Visage"

Master Alchemist Feat: a fix or too powerful?

Spell Perfection and Quicken Spell

Shadow demons and attacking

Witch Doctor - Fetish Mask

Can you choose not to use passive class features?

Bargain Crafting Raw Materials?

Improved Familiar and Leadership Cohort: Combined NPC

Four mirror Armor

For the grit feat "Redirected Shot", do you count as your own ally


Ghost Rider Cavalier help

Are half-orcs orcs?

Path of War: Disruptive Wave

How does spell caster level work?

Knowledge is Power

Ghost Rider Cavalier

Inspired Chemist taking investigator Talent then take Alchemical Discovery and Rogue Talen?!?!

Spell-Like Ability usage

Gun Chemist and Spell Cartridges

Death Ward prevents death from negative level accumulation?

Mage's Disjunction and Prismatic Wall / Sphere

Can you reload a sling while you have a light shield equipped?

Weird Rule question.

Shrinking Weapon Property

Compression Ability

Titan Fighter Lance in One Hand?

Oracle spellcasting - Divine Focus Question

Grave Marker Arrow

Feat Selection or Class Abilities (What Comes First)

Small creatures in a large creatures space

Crafting magic items missing rules

Fearal Combat Training & Brawlers Flurry

Multiple attacks of tentacles (Black Magga)

Liberating (WMH) weapon property and weapon's bonuses to the CMB

Quintessentialist - granting feats with choices

Calculating AC (Paladin)

Werewolf PCs

Looking for Clarification.: Interactions related to the "mist rogue" or "smoke rogue"

Versatile Design and Ascetic Style / Form

How "fixed" is a werecreature's alignment?

Question about Phantom Blade's Spell Combat

Perform (Acting) Substituted for Bluff?

Black Magga with Power Attack

Large creature and adjacent target

Need a Ruling on Splash Weapon

Can I Summon a Banished Creature?

Empty Threats feat, how does it work?

Weapon Versatility and Sap Adept / Master

Mythic Archmage, Hierophant - Eldritch Reciprocation, True Archmage, Divine Vessel

Is it possible to get Split Hex at level 10?

Giant Mantis Shrimp Stun

Beast-Bonded Witch’s Twin Soul ability needs clarification. Please!

Pathfinder Blinking and resistance

Multitalented half elf

Weapon Versatility and Sap Adept / Master

Blood Hag and Fiery Form

Meteor Hammer: 5' AND 10' reach?

Multitalented half elf

Do Eidolon's get fatigued?

Arcanist Exploit "Force Strike" - Damage?

Swashbuckler's Charmed Life Ability

Fey-Touched Template

Covering an object with something invisible?

When exactly does an Remorhaz count as enraged? (PF 1e)

Sorcerer DR

Oozemorph capstone ability?

Weapon question

Meteor Hammer: 5' AND 10' reach?

Meteor Hammer: 5' AND 10' reach?

Communal delay poison

Temporary buffs and save DCs

Grab ability's -20 mechanics.

Four questions about broodmaster summoners looking for clarification.

Ice Armor question.

Eldritch Scion question

Do Racial Hit Dice count as Class Levels for feat prerequisites?

Alter self race limitation

Help with Weapon Specialist combat feats list

Wyvern as a Mount?

Grappling multiple creatures

Dragon Yapper / Yapping Song

Arcane Strike and Caster Level boosts

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