Rules Questions

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Hampered Terrain Opportunity

Ability damage and concentration check

Create Spawn Questions

Any rules in PF for vampires creating spawn of other base types?

Magic Item Question

Possession and Hit Die

shadow drains and kills pc...what next?

About the persistant mutagen

Shadow Collector

Can you cast Magic Weapon on a flask of alchemist's fire? If so, does it affect the splash too?

Summon Monster, Longbows and Antimagic Field

How does Throwing interact with Furious special weapon ability?

CMD of Forceful Hand

Are Handwraps bludgeoning weapons?

Adding abilities to Wizard's bonded object

Can an alchemist choose not to use their discoveries?

Simple rules question about Fey Form spells

Flurry of Blow and two-handed weapons


What Does Capsize Actually Do?

Wall of Fire, undead, and Protection from / Resist Energy (fire)

Big Guy Reach & Extra Reachyness!!!

Troglodyte, Zombie template and Stench

Help with a spell

Improvised Weapons and Magical Weapons

Is Purify Food and Drink Context Sensitive for Allergies / Racial Poison.

Dual-Wield Gunslinger Rules

CRB FAQ link should have a sticky thread

Kineticist TWF with Kinetic Blade and Kinetic Whip

Kinetic Form at 16th+

Can I activate several summoning spells at the same time?

Mythic Undetectable VS LVL 20 Hidden Master

Rule Question: Tumor Familiar Fast Healing 5

Does Symbol of Mirroring require maintaining LOS / LOE?

Can the companion spell of the Contingency be cast by a different caster?

Why does Monk Flurry of Blows get a bonus to hit at higher levels?

Animal Companion and Total Defense

New Trait Fate's Favored

low-light vision at night?

Beheaded CR

Deflect Arrows vs Cartomancer Witch Spell Deck feature

two weapon fighting vs natual attacks

What exactly does Death Ward protect you from?

Is it just me or is 'Inspiring Prediction' just brutal?

Craft constructs feat guide??

Weapon with both Dispelling and Spell Storing enchantment

Insanity spell question

Evil cleric's cannot heal the living with channels normally?

Spells in the dimension of dreams (specifically dream travel)

Spells in the dimension of dreams (specifically dream travel)

Ask a question about the Quintessentialist(Spiritualist)

Pathfinder 1e hungry pit rules questions. Pls help

Interaction of Bloodline Familiars with Dragon Disciple?

Sap Master feat with deadly weapon property

Sap adept / Sap Master with a deadly sap?

Wyrwood Living Machine - How does Construct work now?

Throw two flasks of alchemist fire

Paralyzed Condition Question

Help with some rules clarifications

Guise of Unlife...

Bokrug Mythic level

Blightburn Weapon Questions

How does spell combat work?

How do I cast super powerful magic missile?

How do i advance my crafted Homunculus?

Dervish Dance and Spell Combat

When to cast planar adaptation?

Nature oracle into mammoth Rider = stupider wolf?

Crimson Templar Question

Tentacles Exploit Duration???

Brawler Knockout Question

Dimensional Slide Questions

Unchained Eidolons and Slam attacks?

Emissary Familiar question

Size-Changing Lycanthrope with a Ranged Weapon

How does Mnemonic Enhancer really work?

Letter of the rules vs Spirit of the rules

Waves Oracle Ice Armor and Magic Vestment

Does Slipslinger style and weapon focus sling apply to the sling staffs melee?

Weapon Shift Feats

shield other with sympathetic wounds

Question on Teleportation Trap

Volcano Mystery, Ash Cloud

Enlarge Person along with Long Arms allowed?

Sorcerer Casting stat

Demolition Bomb from the Alchemical Sapper and the Incendiary Charge discovery

If a player plays an Esquire Cavalier, can their aide-de-camp be another Esquire?

BeastShape and the threat range of the attacks

How does charming work in pathfinder?

Not really understanding the team work Feat (Look out)

Questions regarding my zombie dragon

Okay Frustrated!

Sorcerer - Сrossblooded bloodlines

If you give a monster with spell-like abilities character levels, does it's CL increase ?

Hex Glyph (and Greater, obviously)

Odd use of Acrobatics

Ways to speed up intelligence in animal companions?

What if I cast "Hallow" on a bird house and carry that with me into an "Unhallowed" area?

Snakebite Striker + Large (or larger)

Jabbing Style prerequisites

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