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Slayer and Accomplished Sneak Attacker

Sound Striker - Weird Words

Any way to make Shield Slam work at range other than 7lvls of Brawler Shield Champion?

Oracle deaf curse and stormkindler thunderstruck and teleporting tornados.

Wild Arcana and Quicken metamagic

Flash forward + Pounce clarification

Coral Golem's Powerful Blows

Tiny creatures inhabiting and / or immobilizing small or medium creatures

The Mammoth Rider and multiple animal companions

Sphere Singer's Tapestry Traveler, how much of a benefit?

Interaction between Outflank and Pairied Opportunist

Artifact help

Butterfly's Sting and Outflank: Teamwork feats and timing questions

Way to be considered Fey (akin to Racial Heritage / Planar Heritage)?

Domain granted powers damage?

Natural Attacks - Slam and Claws

Swallow Whole - healing and temporary HP for the stomach

Limits of the open / close cantrip.

Do you gain extra bonus languages when your Intelligence increases?

Recharge Innate Magic

Entangle Spell

Scrying: Do "Connections" stack?

Scroll of Trapfinder's Focus / Aram Zey's Focus

Varisian Tattoo and scroll caster level.

Multiple magical effects that increase size do not stack.

Wish / Miracle as SLA

Degenerate Ogre pummel

Handle animal.

Trait stacking

Combat Trained Cavalier Mounts & Tricks?

Judgement Surge

Action Economy interaction between Item Mastery (Teleportation) and Dimensional Dervish feat

Divine Paragon + Stargazer

Menacing Handwraps on Claws

Stacked effects (negatives)

When you can 5 ft Step and the Grease spell

Does the Fighters Weapon Training stack with weapon enchantments?

Kick 'Em While They're Down: Sleeper Hold Feat

Have a question about feats and rage powers compatibility

Monk AC & Ice Armor?

Improved Legendary Influence: chain of feats

Do magic-using PCs have an encyclopedic knowlege of all spells?

Does a weapon from the Monk Weapon Group automatically have the Monk Quality?

Solipsism and Invisibility problem

running a game and want to reduce the racial hit die of a monster

Order of the Reins Challenge

Shield / No Armor archetypes?

Grease "in mid-air"?

Can you explain me "poor visibility" plz

Amulet of Mighty Fists and DR

Tiny creatures question.

Memory of Function - Material or Focus Component?

Another Invisibility, Stealth, and Sneak Attack Thread

Astral Projection and a second life

Amulet of Mighty Fists and DR

A question about the Vitalist Sadist ability Lingering Pain.

Frightful Presence Line of sight or Line of effect?

Ranger Combat Style and Slayer (Inquisitor) Talents

Inner Sea Taverns Drinking Rules

A question about Ascetic Style.

Net Adept 's Requirement

Combining Mythic Abilities

Phantasmal Web unbreakable grapple

Ranger Beastmaster archetype clarification

Cure for Synthesist

synthesist and thee effects of channeling ... trying not to necro anything

Does the protector Familiar Archtype work with Nature-Bonded Magus's Familiar Symbiosis?

3+Charisma; what if negative charisma?

Stacking Crit Multipliers

Threatened Squares in Three Dimensions Combat

Does Maintaining A Grapple Provoke?

Mystic Theurge (again), different way to fulfill requirements

Lightning Lash stat block

undead familiar template?

Question about undead

"Raiment of Command" saving throw clarification

Familiar ability stacking?

Untrained Skill Checks

Wild Arcana Appears Over Powered

Unicorn sorcerer + Safe curing

Mystic Theurge

Dervish of Dawn Bard

Prehensile Hair & Scar

Swallow Whole and Dead Swallower

Mage Hand Action Economy

Courtly Hunter's choice of animal companion

Gunslinger and rapid reload...

Skald, Increased Inspiration Level and Master performer

Courtly Hunter's choice of animal companion

Dimension Door vs. Globe of Invulnerability

Kensai opportune parry + Iaijutsu question

Betrayal Feats, Friendly Fire, and Scatter Weapons

Enhanced Cures and Wands of Cure

Armor spikes and Grapple question

Can a wizard learn a spell from a divine scroll?

Guided weapons for CMB, does it work?

Fighter Spiritual Energy

Mouthpiece of Dominion

Mithril Chain Shirt + Armored Kilt = ?

Starfall damage per force bolt.

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