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Winter Witch Prestige Class and Hexes

Winter Witch Progression (Hexes and Spells)

Winter Witch Sculpt Ice and Snow

Winter Witch with Fey Magic, "Icy" Favored Terrain & Sleet Storm

Winter Witch's Familiar and Mulitclassing

Winter witch....

Winter witches with the Vengeance patron

Winter Wolf Cohort

Winter's Strike Feat: Can you make targets exhausted?

Winterwitch Archetype with Moon Patron gets [Fire] Meteorswarm.

Wintry touch in Oracle Waves mystery frost weapon always on?

Wis to attack twice?

Wisdom and youth vs. absolute age... does the -2 penalty really make sense?

Wisdom Armor Penalty

Wisdom based Arcane caster

Wisdom feats

Wisdom in the Flesh (Irori) Trait and Monkey Style feat interaction

Wisdom in the Flesh + Social Grace

Wisdom in the Flesh and Armor Check Penalty

Wisdom Intelligence Class

Wisdom of 10

Wisdom of the Spirits

Wisdom Sorcerer

wisdom to hit

Wisdom-based combat feats for non-monks?

Wish and Inherent Ability Bonuses

wish and miracle and casting

Wish and time travel

wish and vampires

Wish limits

Wish Question

Wish questions

Wish spell and feats

Wish to grant Spell-Like Abilities?

Wish to increase PC size

Wish Vs Antimagic / Dead magic zone

Wish vs dimensional lock

Wish vs. Tomes?

Wish, Miracle, and spell schools

Wish-Fabricate Magic Item

Wish / Limited Wish Duplicating Spells with Casting Time = 1 round or Longer.

Wish / Limited Wish / Miracle Determine Class to Choose from

Wishcrafter and touch spells

Wishcrafter level 3 is kind of a bummer

Wishing for future competence

Wishing for youth

Wishing unintentionally & cooperative wishing

Witch 'Coven' hex questions

Witch (Cartomancer) adding spells to spell deck

Witch (Cartomancer) and Spell Deck "Familiar"

Witch + improved familiar = 500gp / level tax?

Witch + Ratfolk Hex range Stacking question

Witch + Thrush Familiar

Witch - Cost to learn new spell, familiar to familiar

Witch - Split Hex + Ratfolk favored class

Witch -Infected wounds major hex (Ultimate magic) vs blight hex(APG).

Witch : flight hex... (once again)

Witch Abilities & Magic Jar

Witch and Acid Splash?

Witch and Cackle

Witch and Forced Reincarnation Hex

Witch and Fortune hex clarification

Witch and improved familiar

Witch and learning spells from a spellbook

Witch and Righteous Might

Witch and The Familiar Fox

Witch arcane bond

Witch Archetype Combination

Witch Archetype Spell Selection

Witch Archetypes (Winter Witch and Cartomancer)

Witch cackle

Witch Cackle and maintaining more than one hex

Witch Cackle and Evil Eye

Witch cackle confusion.

Witch Cackle with fingers in mouth?

Witch can cast Evil Eye Hex many times on single target?

Witch can't enter Magaambyan Arcanist but class features reference it.

Witch Cantrips

Witch Cartomancer Question

witch cook people questions

Witch Death Curse Major Hex Question

Witch defensive abilities

Witch devoted to Besmara... how to get Knowledge (religion) as class skill?

Witch disguise hex Question

Witch Distraction Hex

Witch divine focus

Witch Docter; effects that specifically cause pain and what is in a mask?

Witch doctor

Witch Doctor - Fetish Mask

Witch Doctor Life Shaman

Witch doubt - Frozen Caress

Witch effect visibility

Witch energy type is my Energy Mastery Lighting Bolt?

Witch Evil Eye "Reset" Clarification

Witch Familiar + Improved Familiar Faerie Dragon

Witch Familiar / Wizard Familiar

Witch familiar and prestige classes

Witch familiar as a tattoo

Witch familiar delivering vampiric touch spell

Witch Familiar learning from a higher level witch's familiar...

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