Rules Questions

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Do clerics bybass arcane spell failure from armour?

Need help defining Infernal Resistance

Merfolk PCs natural armor?

DC based on ?

Dwarf Stonecunning and the Perception Skill?

Handle Animal and Animal Companions

Polymorphing to a monstrous humanoid

Flaming Sphere Question .... The Fate of a Question Hangs in the Balance, You Decide.

Stealth and Detect Magic

Wizard dragon disciples are now possible?

[Need official errata / clarification] Wizard's Arcane Bonded Item

Entering Partial Squares

The Giant Creature Template vs. HD advancement

4th 2 weapon fighting feat?

Ring of Counterspells vs Dispel magic on a spell affecting me

Area spells and Large (or larger) creatures

Smite evil and non-weapon attacks

Ranged Attack Questions

Channel energy and Lay on hands types of damage?

Maneuvers and Damage

Holy Avenger HELPS the enemy?!?

Pinpoint targeting of area spells

[CRB Error] Enlarge Spell feat

Alter Self question.

An Odd Animal Companion

Adding to a Magical Weapon?

Flyby attack on a human?

Elemental wildshape question.

Divine Bond: weapon bond

Black Tentacles

Negative hit points and CON damage

Feats and Class Abilities on Items

Shadow critical hit?

Burrow rules?

Poison Making question.

Necromancers and turn / command undead

What Actions can a Grappled Character Take?

Critical Hit Question

Flameblade and Wildshape

Clarification: Archers on Mounts

Two Grapple Questions

Elemental Bloodline and spell items

Cost of Magic weapon

Need answer ASAP - attack of opportunity

Half - janni bloodline Questions.

Special attacks on normal weapons?

Shot or the Run / Rapid Shot / Many Shot

Disguise Self, the plight of the Green Hag, and basic usefulness

Vital Strike And Cleave

Manacles and wildshape

Flatfooted and Touch AC

Do Aasimar, Tiefling and Drow have Level Adjustments?

Abundant Step vs Dimension Door

Spiked gauntlet - is your hand free

Armor check penalty on Mithral armor.

Mounted Combat and Reach

Multiple Grapplers and CMD

How would you roll a memory check in Pathfinder?

Bless Weapon, Align Weapon and so forth.

Electric claw attack?

Combat maneuvers and critical hits?

Cleaving invisible foes

Big and Little creatures and Ride

Attack of Opportunity w / Improvised Weapon Rule

Paladin's Bonded Mount, Ranger and Druid' Animal Companion.

A Question Regarding Monstrous PCs

Can you Vital Strike on a pounce?

Deadly Aim, precision based?


Item Costing

Wizard Cantrips memorization / forgetting rules

Is Character lvl 20 as high as you can go?

Matching Magic Items to Levels?

Yet Another Paladin Question

Determining Cover vs Ranged Attacks

Blind as a Bat

Smokesticks - Overlooked smoke effects?

Mounted Combat and Reach

Grab and multiple grapplers

Attacks of Opportunity misconception...

Bestiary and Adjudicating CR rating increases

Secondary natural attacks and CMB checks.

Another item creation question.

3 quick ones

Doppleganger mimicry ability?

How many tentacles?

Ettercap Noose: grapple or tie up?

Acrobatics vs Overrun?

Animal Companion Advancement and Size

Shadow Conjuration and Shadow Evocation spells

Trip with cleave (or cleave with trip)

Accelerated Item Creation...

Multiclass Wizard

Helf-Celestial Ability bonuses with Human, Half-Elf, and Half-Orcs?


Pathfinder Chronicler and their effective bard level?

Master Craftsman Clarification

Ex Clerics & Ex Barbarians

Paladin Smite (20th level)

Prestige classes

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