Rules Questions

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Binding (Hedged Prison) vs. Antimagic Field

Bluffing subjects into being willing recipients of spells?

Do mounts flank and get AOO?

Bracers of Armor Question

Monster Creation: situational attacks and CR

Regaining consciousness question

Arcane and Divine Scrolls

Bonded Objects and Touch Spells

Darkvision, The Haves and Have Nots, a Players and GM's perspective

Question about combat maneuvers and tireless rage

Demoralize VS Immune to Mind-affecting effects

Shield master with two shields

"Standard action" vs. "in place of a melee attack"

Any rules for experimenting with magic?

Eldritch Knight

Rogue Talent: Combat Trick and Weapon Specialization.

Heavy Armor - Increase Speed?

20% Concealment vs. AoO

Summoner Question

True Seeing and the Illusion School

Is using Perception an Action?

Arrow Deflecting enchant and Deflect Arrows feat

Subschool question and more

How does it cost?

Can a rogue use their "evasion" ability while mounted?

Feats and Prereqs

Grease and climb speeds...

Is sneak attack a level-dependent variable?

Arcane Strike Wording Clarification

Whip, Trip, Cleave??

Owlbears and other random thoughts.....

Size large

Using Lay on Hands twice in a round

The Bag of Holding and the tower shield

Enhanced Ring of Sustenance Price

Hit points of a spellbook

True Strike and critical hits

Arcane Strike usage

Beginning Hit Points

Question about CR

Attacks of Opportunity: Why?

How does Vorpal really works? (ie. Can I 'kill' a tarrasque with it?)

Total Area on Cone of Cold and other cone effects

X-bows, belts, boots, as improvised weapons?

What is an ill suited mount?

Disable device vs Rune domain

Spell-like ability clarification needed

Curses / Cursed Items ; Are they really any use? - Query for Players and GMs alike

Half-Orc Light Sensitivity

Monster Math . . . Does it add up?

Shield Mastery Offical Ruling?

Energy Drain and Negative Levels - 1 / day or 1 time only

Dispel Magic and Symbol of pain

Non-characters with 0 ability stat.

Cleave and Combat maneuvers

Rules question on Cleave

Lets talk about weapon categories

Grapple / CMD and Contingency

Wall of Iron

Are weapon & armor enhancements included here?

Illusionists vs Fey Bloodline, an odd descrepancy

Raven Familiars and Use Magic Device

Camel spit save DC?

Dazzling display

Two free actions and a full attack in one round?

Simple Rules Question: CRs for Leveled Bad Guys

Can Artifacts be identified? If so, how?

Grapple attempt provoked AoO from target AND others ?

What pole-weapons can set for a charge? - A Question for Players and DM's alike

Wizard Arcane Bond (Ex or Sp)???

Ape Attacks but at what bonus?

Succubi Immune To Fire? - Curious Anomoly or Intentional?

CR 16 or higher?

"Invisibility" & "Nondetection" Vs "See Invisibility" - Query for Players and DM's alike

Question about creatures with Fly speeds

Headband of Intelligence vs. Scarlet Ioun stone

Monk's FoB attack bonus clarification

Perception clarifications

Need help determining outcome of spell use....

Need help advancing a monster

Lamashtu and the Strength Domain

Does the Half-Fiend / Half Celestial templates replace racial ability mods?

Trade-off feats

TRAPS, and awarding XP for them - A Player and DM's Perspective

Question About PFS

Templates and DR

Power attack and Grappling

How do you resolve this move?

Armor check penalty of mithral armors

Summon Monster / Unseen Servant / Summon Natures Ally - Easy Way To Set Off Traps?, Players and GM's input

Froghemoth attacks

Celestial / Fiendish summoned creatures question

Shatter and crystalline creatures

Throwing things as an improvised weapon...

Summon Monster - trained animals

Rope Trick and Plane Shift

Quick Minotaur question

Readying Dispel

Troll Skills

Holy Champion: save DC for banishment effect?

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