Rules Questions

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PCs and Empower / Quicken Spell-like Ability

Headband of vast intelligence

Familiars, Intelligence Increases, and Skill Ranks

Can you Ready an action while not in combat?

Specialist Wizards and Spell Completion / Trigger Items

Spells and AoO

Does Toughness no longer stack with itself?

Heavy Horse Questions

Arcane Bond Staff, useable as weapon?

Feat combination

Barded companion question

Protection Domain granted powers named?

Spring Attack in Surprise Round

CMB and Magic Weaponry

Taking 10 on Craft?

Help about Headband of Vast Intelligence

Another Paladin Mount Question

Can Traits Stack?

Can you take 20 on Heal checks?

Touch AC, Dexterity, and Max Dex AC

Arcane Archer - rules clarification

Elemental Blast vs Energy Resistance

Entangle Ends Invisibility?

Dear James, regarding Mirror Image

Animal Companions and Armor

Reach, Melee, Soft Cover, and Attacks of Opportunity

My wizard found a Staff of Defence and now has to share it with the cleric?!

Getting hit in a grapple, or why would I want to wrestle the wizard now?

Do melee touch attacks require the use of a hand?

Mules, donkeys, carts, and wagons oh my!

Official definition of "force effect"

[Magic Item Creation] Class / Alignment Discount

Whirlwind Attack on Mirror Images

Invisibility and spectral hand?

Ray Spells

Contingency (Teleport) and Dimensional Anchor

Elemental Body and Push Typo?

Does absolute magic immunity prevent magical bonuses to hit and damage?

Lifetime of crafting for poison?

Can someone please explain Sniper Shot to me?

Switching rings

Question about the difference between a potion and a 1 use wondrous item

Outsiders and Natural Healing

"Class Features" Feat Prerequisite

Rangers & Firearms

Effect of a vorpal sword on a vampire

Channel energy rules clarification

Augment Summoning and Summon Swarm

Heroic Ability Score CR Increase

Scribing scrolls and spellbooks and Combine Spells

Hide in Plain Sight

Cleave Clarification please

Define Helpless...

House rule: max hit points each level?

Identifying a scroll with a spellcraft skill check.

Movement rates in melee

Wizard specialization and arcane trickster question

Summon Monster, then it walks out of range?

Bane weapons max enhancement bonus?

Haste spell verification

A few questions about Yellow Mold

Monks and natural weapons

Magical strength bow

Intelligent Items - At will?

Starting distance for random encounters?

Sorcerer vs Reincarnate

Binding (Hedged Prison) vs. Antimagic Field

Bluffing subjects into being willing recipients of spells?

Do mounts flank and get AOO?

Bracers of Armor Question

Monster Creation: situational attacks and CR

Regaining consciousness question

Arcane and Divine Scrolls

Bonded Objects and Touch Spells

Darkvision, The Haves and Have Nots, a Players and GM's perspective

Question about combat maneuvers and tireless rage

Demoralize VS Immune to Mind-affecting effects

Shield master with two shields

"Standard action" vs. "in place of a melee attack"

Any rules for experimenting with magic?

Eldritch Knight

Rogue Talent: Combat Trick and Weapon Specialization.

Heavy Armor - Increase Speed?

20% Concealment vs. AoO

Summoner Question

True Seeing and the Illusion School

Is using Perception an Action?

Arrow Deflecting enchant and Deflect Arrows feat

Subschool question and more

How does it cost?

Can a rogue use their "evasion" ability while mounted?

Feats and Prereqs

Grease and climb speeds...

Is sneak attack a level-dependent variable?

Arcane Strike Wording Clarification

Whip, Trip, Cleave??

Owlbears and other random thoughts.....

Size large

Using Lay on Hands twice in a round

The Bag of Holding and the tower shield

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