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Pathfinder Rules Questions Guidelines

Hardness vs Weapons with elemental damage

Floating Disk over weight limit

Primal Aether

Polymorph and Item Usage

Ring of Spell Knowledge Questions

Dagger Pistols + Greater Transformative

Grapple CMD Bonus versus Escape Artist.

Intimidate Skill Unlock, Complicated Interaction

Martial Arts Handbook - handwraps

What are "harmless" spells?

Does kineticist have an ability that grants them resistance / immunity to their energy type?

Chronicler as a villain, rules question

UMD, Scrolls & Forbiddance

Interaction of unchained poisons with resurrection spells

Dragonfly Style, Branch Pounce, and charging- oh my!

Ranger Archetypes - Infiltator Question

Precise Shot and engaged in melee question

Overrun and Sanctuary

Warpriest's sacred weapon and the Weapon of the Chosen Feat

Bowspirit and melee combat

Need opinions for a homebrew skill system

Damage when dying

Looking for a Feat (...or perhaps Trait)

Arsenal Chaplain Warpriest using Deity's favoured weapon?

Converting Lethal Dmg into Non Lethat Dmg

Mask of a Thousand Tomes + Invisibility

Escape Route question

Multiple "roll twice" effects.

Effective character starting wealth with a CR adjustment

Critical hit on an Empowered Touch of Idiocy

Incorporeal smell, while in the wall.

synthesist and summons

Do Bleeding Critical and Disarming Strike Work Together?

Vanguard Slayer and Ranger Combat style feats - faithful

Telekinesis and wielding weapons.

Do Flaming weapons give off light and heat when activated?

Duelist Feat and Shield Focus

Arcane Discovery (Faith Magic) Magic and Arcanist?

Polymorph and Carry Weight

archetypes for not-quite familiars

How Many INTs?

Brawler Bonus Feats

Fey Touched Moth Familiar Change Shape

Calculating the Attack Penalty of a Large Two-Handed Weapon

Natural Attacks with grab and swallow whole

Rule on Harrow Deck of Many Things effects and players

Prehensile hair combat maneuvers?

Question on what is "adjacent" and what isn't for Large polearm masters

White Haired Witch and Panther Style Shenanigans: SOMEBODY STOP ME!

Tie up DC

Feral Shifter and Ward Aspects

Brawlers flurry with dervish dance

To Arms!

Using Charisma for Dex combo?

Arcane Strike and Ray Spells

Limitations on Mesmerist Mind-Affecting Mindless Creatures

Stealth Synergy

Can you enchant item versions of natural weapons?

Action type for Portable Hole

Elves lifespan

Worldwound Animal Companions

Help determining ACR for mass combat

Sacred Weapon and Shadowshooting Crossbow

Ranged feint interactions

Am I Flat-Footed After Suprise Round

Non spell fullround actions

Vigilante - Malleable Flesh Questions

Disarming Strike and Crit Damage

Cast behind Wall of Force

Trying to remember old school D&D item

About Divine trident...

Carpet of Flying and Invisibility

Scent And Invisibility

Dual-Wield Gunslinger Rules

Courtier's / Nobles Outfit Jewelry question (magic ring / necklace)

Extemporaneous channler + Legacy weapon + Shikigami Manipulation

Mithral Fullplate Armour and Angel Wings

Does the Spell 'Slough' Remove a Creature's Nat Armor Bonus?

White-Haired Witch Maneuvers

Surprise round, flat-footedness and Uncanny Dodge

Jabbing Style Bonus Damage vs DR

What kind of action is Phase Lurch (su)?

Svathurim Charge Damage

Sorcerer Archetype / Bloodline question.

Multiple hands + double barrel pistols.

What are the restrictions on a Warpriest swift casting using fervor?

Can I be a dragon disciple?

Keep watch spell and its implications

Yes, it's another PaO Question... About Aging...

Eldritch Archer Spell Combat

Shadow Enchantment

Alchemists and Crafting

Law Domains Legislation: Prohibition power

Channeling questions

Bonus Skill Ranks

Wild Arcana

PAO and Majic Jar question(s)

Polymorph any object: dead squirrel to dead dragon

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