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【PFS】Mindblade and technological weapon with charges?

“Use Your ‘x’ level instead of bab

“Trait Adopted” could a Racial trait be taken?

“Positioning Attack” in the middle of Two-Weapon Fighting?

“I listen at the door...”

‘Relevant Stat’ for SU powers aka do Druids just not get a Relevant Stat bonus while in Wild Shape ?

‎Archetypes rule question, Evangelist Spontaneous Casting

~Recent Tiny / 5'-step FAQ, related rules

[Words of Power] Boost (Meta Word)

[Words of Power Question] How does Wordcasting work with the Arcanist?

[Warpriest Question] Plant Blessing's Entangled Condition

[Unchained] Weapon Attunement and Natural Weapons

[Unchained] VMC Sorcerer Bloodline Arcana

[Unchained] Variant Multiclassing and Class Feature Qualifications

[Unchained] Variant multiclass and feat prerequisites

[Unchained] variant multiclassing and bonus spells for non casters

[Unchained] Stamina / Combat Tricks Clarification

[Unchained] Staggered Advancement and skill points

[unchained] some questions about consolidated skills

[Unchained] Signature Skill unlocks--Use Magic Device

[Unchained] Revised Action Economy question

[Unchained] Quick Question on Automatic Bonus Progression

[unchained] monk two handed weapon 1.5 STR bonus on flurry

[Unchained] Monk a Key Class?

[Unchained] Kasatha Hammerblow

[unchained] innate magic item qualities & Amulet of Mighty fists

[Unchained] How does this work?

[Unchained] Dynamic item creation

[unchained] background skills + consolidated skills

[Unchained] Automatic Bonus system halves max bonuses of magic weapons / armor?

[Unchained] Automatic bonus progression and starting at higher level

[Unchained] Auto Bonus Prog and Animal Companion

[Unchained] Alternate Crafting Rules

[Unchained] (Monk) Full-Attack clarification request, Full BAB, and examples

[Unchained Rogue] Debilitating Injury: Bewildered - Mostly useless?

[Unchained Monk] Elemental Fury + elemental style feats

[unchained action economy] no AC penalty on charge?

[UM]Synthesist Question

[UM]Sacred Summons

[UM] Using Eldritch Heritage to get sorcerer spells?

[UM] Spell levels for a Hexcrafter's curse spells

[UM] Sacred Summons - Does Celestial / Fiendish count for matching aura requirement?

[UM] Quick Wild Shape

[UM] Quick Channel - Can you channel twice per round?

[UM] Qinggong Monk - Slow Fall

[UM] Magus: Greater Spell Access

[UM] Magus Bladebound Questions about the Black blade

[UM] Knowledge pool = free spells?

[UM] Dirge Bard - Haunting Refrain

[UM] Demagogue Bard and Fascinate

[UM] Create Reliquary Arms and Shields

[UM] Construct Armor (pg 114)

[UM Words of Power] Is the Effect Word Combination table finite?

[Ultimate Magic| Words of Power: No boost cost for Cure spells

[Ultimate Magic] [Undead Lord] [Corpse Companion] How can more obscure corpses be required?

[Ultimate Magic] Wordspells: Multiple Effect Words and Duration

[Ultimate Magic] Words of Power and Elementalist wizard schools?

[Ultimate Magic] Words of Power & Rays

[Ultimate magic] Wjtch and Twin soul. Doubts.

[Ultimate Magic] Versatile Channeler and Neutral Clerics

[Ultimate Magic] Vermin Shape II Question

[Ultimate Magic] Twin Soul Question (Beast-bonded witch archetype)

[Ultimate Magic] Toppling Spell + Spell Specialization + Magic Missle

[Ultimate Magic] Synthesist and physical stat damage.

[Ultimate Magic] Synthesist and Healing

[Ultimate Magic] Stating a Synthesist

[Ultimate Magic] Spell Book Prices

[Ultimate Magic] Quarterstaff Mastery question

[Ultimate Magic] Maestro bloodline power

[Ultimate Magic] Interrogation spell

[Ultimate Magic] Improved scroll casting

[Ultimate Magic] Improved scroll casting

[Ultimate Magic] Four hands and multiweapon feat

[Ultimate Magic] Feat Questions

[Ultimate Magic] Ear-Piercing Scream question

[Ultimate Magic] Do Synthesist Summoners Qualify for Natural Attack Feats?

[Ultimate Magic] Cold Ice Strike - How is this balanced?

[Ultimate Magic] Blood Crow Strike

[Ultimate Magic] Aura of Desecration

[Ultimate Magic] A couple of Bardic rules questions...

[Ultimate Magic spell] Masterwork transformation

[Ultimate Equipment] Diggin Deep into Treasure Generation

[Ultimate Combat]Maneuver Master's Flurry of Maneuvers - are those penalties correct?

[Ultimate Combat] Wound Points and Constitution Loss

[Ultimate Camp] Retraining and Witches

[Ultimate Campaign] More than one drawback

[Ultimate Campaign] Can you construct multiple rooms simultaneously?

[Ult Wilderness] Can the Menhir Guardian Monk benefit from Shifter's Edge?

[Ulitmate Intrigue] Warlocks and spells in their spellbook

[UE] Spellstrike Gloves - Please clarify "other created effects" ?

[UE] Shadowform Belt + Ring of Protection = AC Decrease?

[UE] Rules questions on items...

[UC] `Channeled Revival` and Healing Domain Level 6 - `Healer's Blessing`

[UC] Titan Mauler and Massive Weapons

[UC] The spell Jury-Rig

[UC] Stupid Style question

[UC] Splintering Weapon feat

[UC] Sohei and his light armor proficiency

[UC] Ship Building Questions

[UC] How does `Fortified Armor Training (Combat)` work with a `Ring of Force Shield`?

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