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Cherry Blossom Spell. What type of "Damage" triggers it's effect.

Eldritch Guardian familiars and Weapon Mastery feats

Warpriest sacred armor

Medium losing control to spirit -- aware or unaware?

Polymorph and gaining Touch Attack’s

Create Demiplanes Question

Trample ability

Automatic Bonus Progression and Natural Weapons

I need your help: Improvised Weapons

Secret of Magical Discipline feat

Kitsune Oozemorph doesn't work anymore?

When do the benefits of a bardic perfformance end?


Favoured Enemy Outsider (Evil) on home plane

Nanoshade ki pool + ninja tricks

Spells of Opposite

Skin Walker Features

Retraining from Unchained Summoner to Summoner

Monk vs Mummy Rot

'Slow' plus 'Quickness(su)'

Vampire's energy drain

Are diamonds stone?

Polymorph any object

Hellknight Signifer - Catechesis

Mummy's Mask Alchemist question(s)-

Dwarven Weapon familiarity plural used with weapons

Question About Dual Strike Prerequisites?

Eidolon Rend ability with 4 claws

Chronicles of Legends Irori’s Meditation Error?

Runesage focus question

Is the Promethean Alchemist Homunculus an animal companion?

Seeded Doom and disease

Elemental Trap - Reducing burn

Does the primary target splash damage from alchemist Sticky Bombs get a reflex save?

monks and pulling heavy objects

Potion to Formula? - Alchemist

True Resurrection

Synthesist Summoner and Rage

Synthesist Fused Eidolon and Extra Feat Evolution

Bloodline arcana and Fiery Runes.

Controlling Summoned Animals

Equipping the constructs...

Wyrwood Living Machine - How does Construct work now?

Controlling Summoned Animals

AC penalties... apply to only regular or all forms of AC?

Can Shifter use Shaping Focus?

Eldritch Archer, Spell Combat and Material Components

Bards, the Performance skills, and Bardic Performance.

Power from despair

Calcific Touch+Sneak=attack+overpowered?

Petrified + Attacks

Unarmed strike, Ogre Crush and Strength modifier to damage

Timing of suggestion

On overlapping swarms

Contingency and Shadow Evocation Greater.

Corpse Companion from multiple sources?

Snakebite Striker question

Unique Bloodline and Arcane Bloodline

Can I Threaten AoOs?

Monster Advancement Questions

On the topic of Summon Versatile Monster and Outsiders

Special Materials + Harmaki / Silken ceremonial armor?

Cleromancy and maximize

Moving through allies, and attacks of opportunity

combining Spring Attack and Redirect Force

Where do enemies affected by abilities like stand still and trip stop?

Javelins and hands

Bucklers and Wands

Monk of the Mantis Archetype: Pressuring Strikes?

Weretouched Shifter Questions.

Skinsend and spell slots

Special Material Weapon Hardness

Touch spells

If the caster dies, his spells are dispelled?

Weapon Enhancement Overcoming DR

A scroll, and explosive runes spell and a make whole spell walk into a bar...

dandy track class feature

Illusion of calm

Can you use the Flash Attack feat with Hand Crossbows or one handed fire arms (Pistols)?

Sage Familiar Skill Points

Effortless Lace w / Agile Questions

Kin Bond

Bat Familiar Fly Skill

Figment Familiar Questions

Does a Piercing OR Slashing weapon count as both for specific abilities?

How do Familiar Archetypes work?

Critical hits with spells?

Full attack action with Natural attacks while grappled?

Adaptive Shifter spiked form and natural attacks

Bucklers and Shield Spikes

Celestial template--smite evil

Incorporeal and Shield other

Blood arcanist, peri-blooded aasimar with the orc bloodline

Plz help with dhampir race

Planar Heritage & Fiendish Heritage

Titan Fighter and Giant Weapon Wielder (Ex) penalty

Spectral Hand - Multiple Targets

Intimidating Monk

Uncanny Concentration + damage

Golem Sand and Contrict

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