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Rules Questions

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Wrist Launcher Free Hand

Sculped Cape and Unseen Servant

Mythic Tangible Illusions and Mirror image How and if it works.

Extra Evolution clarification

Can a large or bigger monster use Alter Self to shrink down to medium?

Readied action and attack of opportunity - can I use both?

Value of improvised weapons when crafting

Breath weapon recharging during Time Stop

Magic Trick: Mage Hand

How does DR work with self-inflicted damage?

Breath weapon recharging during Time Stop

Are Alchemist Bombs a Supernatural Ability or Weapons?

Using Human Skilled Racial Ability for Favored Class

Acrobatics to move through a threatened square

Mythic Vital Strike question (NOT 'what does damage dice mean?')

Cure Light Wounds and holding the charge

Burglar's Boots, Major

sweeping strike multiclass

I'm sure this is out there already but I cant find it

Summon Monster from a Wand

Moss Troll Falling Damage

Robe of the Resplendent Thespian and Armor

Two versions of Shiled Companion

Combining Disheartening Display with Unchained Intimidate

Which is the better flying mount?

Resist Energy, Communal - Extract?!?

Reach Metamagic - Communal Touch Spells

Oracle Curse of Tongues and Bonus Languages

Crimson Templar Prestige Class

Cartomancer: Attacking a willing ally

Dwarf Hardy trait vs Non-Obvious Spells

Intelligent undead and Intimidate / Demoralize

Magic equipment

Haunted Construct’s Unholy Beacon

Bardic Masterpiece: Lingering Leitmotif

Feeder of the Depths Deadly Bleeding Special Ability

Sudden Attack: Is it an attack, or an attack?

Sword that cast truestrike formulae?

Scroll of Spell Immunity

su that function as spells, do they provoke?

Fire Snake - are diagonals considered 'adjacent' ?

Flying Weapon Enchantment - Full Attacking

Shadowdancer and Shadow Companion

Does and aquatic elf count as elf for FCB?

Small Cavalier, Medium Climbing Mount--How does it work?

What are some rule questions that you feel were not officially addressed?

Warpriest sacred weapon, magic?

Alchemist / Summoner Synthesist

Arcanist School Understanding and VMC Wizard Interaction

How does this work?

Mirror of Life Trapping and invisibility

Ranged touch spells in friends question.

Weapon Focus and bows

Any way to treat yourself as 1 size smaller?

Two Weapon Fighting

Unchained Scaling Magic Item Creation

Evil Eye and CMD

Aversion Spell

Celestial Armor

Spell Storing Weapon

Do the enhancement bonuses from Divine Bond, Warrior Spirit and Arcane Pool allow a weapon to bypass certain DR?

Fast Zombies and Manufactured Weapons. How many attacks?

How does the bard's versatile performance work 'in game'

Interrupting a Cleave attack

Arcane spell lvls and spell like abilities, arcane bond.

Titan Mauler's Massive Weapons Ability

Downtime; a couple rules questions

Does Deadly aim feat work with alchemist's bombs?

Using Bloodstained Gloves

Question about the magical child...

Horse Support

Familiar ability stacking

Familiar ability stacking

Dropping a shield and drawing a weapon in the same move action.

quick question about adding enhancements to weapon

Extending secondary conditions

Investigator talent Anathema

Raging song and constructs

Jistkan Artificer Golem Arm

Hex Strike and Conductive weapons

infernal healing and gold reagent

Extending secondary conditions

Extending secondary conditions

Extending secondary conditions

Extending secondary conditions

Can a Duettist familiar use Masterpieces?

Summon Guardian Spirit and Major Blessing Battle Companion

Thundercaller Bard casting the spell Shadowbard

Can you Split Hex, a Spell Hex?

Fleshwarped Template Dex bonus? From where?

Drakainia Crit Range

Feat Clarification: Fast Learner

Conjure Deadfall - Reflex Save?

Synthesist Multiclass bab

VMC and Abilities

Retroactive bonus Formulae from Intelligence increase?

Laughing Touch Fey Sorcerer Ability

are alchemical items considered magic?

Directed blast vs deflect arrows

Slayer and Accomplished Sneak Attacker

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