Rules Questions

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"2-weapon fighting"

"a +1 Trait Bonus on damage rolls"

"A kitsune may select from the following feats any time she would gain a feat."

"Ablative Sphere" spell (Humans of Golarion) clarifications

"Acts as" magic items being improved... (such as Demonspike Pauldrons)

"Adding" special materials?

"Additional Material Components" ?


"Advancing" extra 5-foot step combined with the Quarterstaff of Vaulting

"Aid another" on a skill roll...

"Alchemy Crafting Kit" weight inconsistency?

"All targets must be with in 30' of eachother" Is there...

"ally decisions" and dominated allies....

"Amazing Initiative" mythic power - does spell trigger / completion count as a spell?

"Amulet of Mighty Fists" + "Greater Magic Fang" = totally legit? +"Body Wrap of Mighty Strikes"=?

"and" and "comma"

"Antilife Shell" being hemispherical

"As a bonus feat" wording query

"as a full-attack action" v. "when taking a full-attack action"

"As if one size category larger"

"Aspect of the Ki-Rin" + fly spell

"Assume Equipment" as an Uncarnate

"At Will" Abilities

"at will" abilities, what does it take to activate?

"At will" actions

"At Will" vs "On Command" magic items

"Attack action"

"Attack action", and where's the FAQ?

"Backleveling" / Retraining Prequisites

"Balanced" Ring of True Strike

"Bane" ranged weapons

"Banking" feats allowed?

"Bard" Spells and Silent Spell

"baseline" combat (fighter) progression?

"Beast Boy" Feral Hunter Build Help

"Beast Rider" Cavalier Discrepencies

"before the results of the roll are revealed"

"Blade of the Society" trait

"Blood of" heritage race trait is which type of racial trait?

"Blood Tentacles" spell

"Bonus to CHA-based skills"

"Bonus" style feats for the Master of Many Styles and Unarmed Fighter archetypes

"Bring Out Yer Dead!" ... but how?

"broken wing gambit" "own ally" "combat reflexes"

"Burning Magic" revelation

"But... It's Me?" Fractured Mind + Kitsune Gregarious

"Call for Help" Religion Trait

"Called" and Double Weapons

"Casts spells as" and class levels.

"centered on you" spells and animal companions

"Chain Devil" attack options - have I got this right?

"Charm Person" and in-Group Fighting

"Class Features" Feat Prerequisite

"Cloud of Smoke" subdomain power

"Come and Get Me" and Number of AoOs

"Come and Get Me" rage power.....

"Components" for Witch Hexes

"Condition" of Blindness versus "Special Ability" of being Invisible

"Constructs are treated as living creatures"

"Consume Magic Items" and Staves

"Containers" and abundant ammunition

"Continuous" magic item activation?

"Craft Construct: Homunculus" Rules Questions and Build Advice

"Create a distraction to hide." What action?

"Create Treasure Map" Will it work on undead?

"Created" Natural Weapons: What are they?

"Creative changes" to initial Eidolon

"Creatures touched" spell description

"Critical like" abilities and bleed damage vs fortification

"Crossover Spells" and the Magus

"Cursed" Potions and effect DCs

"Cute" Feat

"Damage Dice" Singular or Plural? (Mythic Vital Strike)

"dance of the dead" dirge bard performance ???

"David vs. Goliath" Grapple and Falling

"Deathless Spirit" v. Shadow's Strength Damage.

"Deific Obedience" and "or"

"detect magic" could detect if a player cast a spell?

"Dirty Trick" and Range

"Disciple of the Sword" feat from Inner Sea Gods for a Paladin?!

"Disguise Self" and Eidolons

"Dispel Check" Caster Level

"Divine protection" and Shaman ("speaker for the past" archetype)

"Divine" Trickster?

"Dominate Person" doubt.

"Druidic Herbalism" Confusion

"Duck and Cover" teamwork feat and Ring of Force Shield

"effects that augment an unarmed strike"?

"Egoistic" Dynamic Item Creation Perk

"Elemental" Affinity and bloodragers

"elemental" and "elemental burst" weapon enchantment

"Emotive block" spell to completely shut down all spellcasting, period?

"Enforcer" Feat and Unarmed Attacks

"Enlarge Person" + Strongarm Bracers... Should they stack?, Input Appreciated.

"Fallen" Witch?

"Falling" in water, aka sinking. What is the speed?

"Fast Learner" feat retroactive?

"Fast" Diplomacy to change someone reaction, where is the modifier?

"Feats?" ... What are these feats you speak of?

"Feinting" to trigger readied action

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