Rules Questions

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"Fighter's Fork" enchantment on other weapons...

"Flurry of Maneuvers" + "Spell Combat"

"For One Round"

"Free Hand" and Improved Unarmed Strike.

"Free" Actions During an Attack of Opportunity

"free" Eidolon Evolution swapping?

"friend to animals" and a druid.

"Gory Finish" feat and Rays?

"Grab" Monster Rules

"Greater" Stand Still?

"Guns Are Everywhere" and Archetypes

"Gust of Wind" Spell & Ship-to-Ship Combat

"Hacking" a construct

"Half Duration" and Rounding

"Half your level" at level 1?

"Halving" Non-proficiency penalties

"Hamalatsu" feat?

"Hammerbound" Magus

"Healing Request" Temple Event from Pathfinder Ultimate Campaign

"Heart of the Metal" and Rays

"Heart of the Slums" Alternate Racial Trait Question

"Held in off hand" and hand-less weapons.

"Help Me Open This Door!"

"I am Immortal ... I have inside me blood of Kings!"

"If a spell has multiple versions, you choose which version to use when you cast it

"If the skald has rage powers from another source"

"Improved Fiendish Sorcery" + Crossblooded Archetype

"Improved Share Spells"

"Intense spell" and "wall of fire"

"Invisibility" & "Nondetection" Vs "See Invisibility" - Query for Players and DM's alike

"Is that a man sitting on your shoulder?"

"It's fer scratchin' me back, ye soddin' cog-box!"

"Jar of Honey" as a weapon

"Keen" ability for Bludgeoning Weapons

"Keen" Composite Longbow in Dragon's Demand

"Knife Master" archtype, Sneak Stab FAQ

"Knowledge (all skills taken individually)"

"Landing Roll" Feat & Failed Trips


"Legality" of monsters

"Limit" on Ammunition Blanching

"Lion’s Call" Order of the lion with Cha penalty

"Loading" Poisoned Shuriken

"Long Arm" spell and reach

"Long Step" vs "Grappled"

"Mage Breaker" feats and grappling feats-DREAM COME TRUE!

"Magic Stone" adds Str bonus to damage?

"Magic Weapon" Spell Applies To CMB?

"May only be applied to a ranged weapon" - how about thrown?

"Melee weapon attacks" and Crane Wing

"Merge with familiar" and ongoing effects - how do these interact?

"Momentary glimpse" from Oracle of Time: Swift action?

"Monk Weapon" Proficiency and Kyton Style?

"Mount" classes

"Mount" spell question

"Move action" vs. "movement" - a 5-foot step question

"Move" action starting in a threatened square provokes an AoO twice?

"Mug" the bad guy

"Multi-Class" Cleric / Cleric?

"Multi-classing" archetypes

"Natural Damage Reduction"

"Neutral", Channel Energy, Versatile Channel

"non-harmless effect with the emotion descriptor" and Psychic casting

"Off-hand" Vs "Off-hand attack"

"Offhand" attacks

"official ruling" Why is it Necessary?

"One Eye Open" effect?

"One or more creatures, no two of which can be more than 30 ft. apart"

"Orc" Weapons

"Orc" Weapons?

"Oscillating" & Reverse Gravity

"Pack Attack" Teamwork Feat: Ambiguous, Unusable?

"Patron" deity?

"Permanent" ability score bonuses and bonus spells

"Person" spells and Non humanoid PCs

"Personal" Potions

"Pets" ability scores, different levels of point buy?

"Poison Use"... Twice...?

"Polyglot as a bonus language"?

"Poor visibility" and stealthing?

"Possess Object" to possess a corpse?

"Prerequisite: Exotic Weapon Proficiency X" actually means "proficient with weapon X", right?

"Prismatic Sphere" invincibility?

"Protective Aura" from Greater Angelic Aspect

"Pulling" a spell

"Raised by Civilized Humanoids" Ability Score Racial Trait

"Ranged Attack" while Sniping Query

"Raw magic" and feats ?

"Reach" weapons taking -4 when attacking into melee (as a "ranged" weapon does)

"Reach" weapons that also threaten and attack adjacent square?

"Recharging" wands?

"Regualr Move"

"Reliable" firearms and dragon's breath rounds.

"Reloading Hands" Spell & Crossbows

"Requisite ability score" for scrolls

"Rings Of Mind Shielding" - A Question

"Run" action with a fly speed.

"Same Source" definition for stacking bonuses

"Second wind stacking"

"Secondary" Natural Attack of Opportunity

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