Rules Questions

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Gunslinger's dead shot deed

"Tenacious Spell" metamagic and "Vanish"

Standard Actions

Wall of Fire does not harm objects?

question about Table 5–52: 4th-Level Wands, from GAMEMASTERY GUIDE

Attempting to End Movement in a Square With An Invisible Opponent

Twinned Summoner Extra Feat Evolution question

Improvised weapon question

How many charges does it have - Crook of Cidhureen

Arcanist Archetype

Bloodline / Domain / Patron / Spirit / Etc. Spells and Spell-Trigger Items

Unchained barbarian stances on a howdah & ferocious trample

Headband of Vast Intelligence skill + skillpoints?

Detect magic

Charge, ready action and AoO with reach

Can a character have more than one favored prestige class?

Fast Healing from (Su)

Metamagic Feat Question / Clarification

Rods and maces

Converting skill DCs to 2E - any 1E reference table ?

Spell-like abilities and statblocks

Another Druid Herbalism Question

Obscuring Mist Question

Witch Familiar skills and spells!

Troll Barbarian with Lesser Fiend Totem Rage Power

Aboleth's Lung

Named Bullet and Deadshot

Spirit Talker: 24 Hours, Or Just One?

testing my understanding re EXP for NPCs

Light Subdomain Power

Prestige Classes and Available Spells

Spirit Guide - Life Spirit & Channeling feats

Mounted Lance Feat Train

Question about crafting wands of higher level

Muleback cords and lifting pushing dragging?

Promoting a business gets resources per day? Or once per promotion?

Fleshwarped creature and spell-like ability

Kineticist Greater Elemental Whispers, Wysp, Living Battery question.

Selective Detonate

NPC gear amount for advanced monsters?

Adding an Archetype with Retraining

Silver Balladeer Bard and Weapon Blanch

Feather Falling and You.

Lightning Lash attack action

Sneak attacks with bombs

Enchanting Question

What is the threat range of a *thrown* +1 Keen Dagger

Phoenix bloodline and fire immunity

Mobility On Standing?

Complex Natural Attacks Bonuses

Monitor / Fey Obedience in place of Deific Obedience?

Rage Prophet with Mad Magic

Pricing for Boots of the Battle Herald?

Air Step Question

Dominate person on invisible target.

Slayer talents question.

Expanded Summon Monster feat

Settlement Rules

Does the Amulet of a Shield Guardian Golem take up the neck slot?

Weapon finesse and touch spells

Dweomer's Essence - How many uses do you get?

Robe of arcane heritage + bloodline shenanigans

Coat of Mist & Cloak of Eternal Mist; Do they stack?

Can a ghost touch weapon reposition an incorporeal creature?

Familiar, Archetypes, class skills

Eidolon Equipment

Cheapest way to restore hp, a math question

Swordplay Deflection clarification

Unbearable Brightness and Vampires

Can a Gloomblade with Improvisational focus make shadow improvised weapons??

Samurai Warrior poet & The Spring-Heeled Style line

Ghoul Bloodline Ghoul Claws ability DC

Time Stop and Glitterdust

Warpriest virtual fighter level?

Confused about Druid Wild Shape and Hit Points

Ghoul Paralysis Question!

Spiritual Weapon and Twilight Knife

Undead immune to Stormbolts RAW?

Reach attack clarification

Jistkan Magistrate and Channel Element

Jistkan Magistrate warpriest Channel smite with fire?

Question about Shifter archetypes

Overrun and Run

6th level Medium spells.

Mythic question, Hierophant's Inspired Spell and Shaman Spirit Magic

Combining DR

1st boon (typically spell-like ability) granted by deity

What am I missing about the Shield of the Mage?

Acrobatic's: around corners, thru doorways, or not?

Suzerain Inspire Greatness

Lingering Pain & Disruptive Recall

Infiltrator Inquisitor Clarification

Delay Disease

Hexes interaction: misfortune + protective luck

6th level Medium spells.

Siege of Trees spell

Talking with mindless creatures?

Magus Kensai Dagger Pistol Proficiency

Piecemeal Armor: What's It Good For?

Magus spell combat question

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