Rules Questions

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Orc Ferocious Tenacity feat

Does ‘Awesome Blow’ attract an AofO?

Mage Hand Magic Trick and Esoteric Magus

Can i use furious finish with improved or greater vital strike?

Legend Subdomain given Feat: Marked for Glory, is legitimate?

About Cleric Archetype: Idealist, is Invoke Realm available.

Regarding the Planar Traits of Planar Adventures, is it an available rule?

Clarification on Crafting Staves

question regardling the ranger - Flame Wearden's spells

Riding a Climbing Mount

Diplomacy rules for NPCs

Armor for animal companion

If I case a spell on an invalid target, do I know why it failed?

Pyrotechnics and Eschew Materials

Vision of Hell - 1 check or many?

Paladin and Detect Evil.

Limits of Planar Inquiry

Are constructs immune to sickened and nauseated?

Can you power attack when performing a coup de grace?

Does Dueling Cloak Adept Trait stack?

Stone of Alliance question

Spellslinger "Mage Bullets" grant melee weapon special abilities to guns?

Jistkan Artificer (Golemfist) Magus - Spell Combat + Flurrying Arcana (Flurry of Blows)

How does Bull Rush work? - Moving with the target.

Quick alchemist explosive missile question

spells per day

Bloodrager Steelblood Armor Training

Greater Grapple + Throat Slicer

Elemental Spells that are listed for "ALL" (and how that interacts with Void school)?

Minions and Reincarnate or Rejuvenation

Breaking out of Icy Prison

Protection From Energy and saves

Using Divination to Enable Distant Attacks with Spectral Hand?

Breath Weapon Question

actions while mounted?

Becoming A Force of Nature, a Guide To the Pathfinder 1e Druid

Do Dhampir count as undead?

Alternate Natural Weapon really replace the limb ?

Verdant bloodrager bloodline

Invisibility and moving through enemies.

Shield of the Mage and Shamans Arcane Enlightment

Sorcerer with Spell Perfection


How heavy is a Dragon?

Witch's Hex

Monk using flurry of blows to deliver a cou de gras attempt?

Rogue Sneak Attack Question regarding weapons

Shaman Wandering Hex question

Spontaneous Change interaction with Windy Escape

Nagaji Samurai taking Cavalier ‘First Mother's Fang’ archetype?

Rods as tools and Rods as Maces

Equipping a Shadowdancer's Shadow

Rules stacking attacks?

Magus Questions

Tattooed Sorcerer Enhanced Varisian Tattoo

Charging and Attacks of Opportunity

Quickchange Cloak and Armor?

Question about Hybridization Funnel in conjunction with Focusing Flask

Non-Lethal Bleed?

Putrefactor Witch Improved Familiar

Divine interference and anti-magic field

Dual Weapon and Multi-Weapon Fighting

Spell Stunning Barrier: stun negates damage from attack?

Wall of Ice and Spell Resistance

Can an intelligent item take over a construct?

Besides Broodmaster is there a way to have different eidolons?

Rogue Grapple and Strangler feat

Questions About the Feral Gnasher

Stoneplate Armor and modifications?

how does disguise self interact with continual flame?

Crypt Breaker Alchemist's Alkahest Bombs damage

Crafting Tool Kits

Hornbow with extra str pull - cost?

Telepathic Caster - ARG RP Cost?

Kinetic Blade and Triggering AOO

Concentration Checks

items vs classes

Wildblooded and Bloodline Mutations

Black Spellbook?

"Corner" and obstacle

Blood Money Interaction with Extracts

Monster Cohort Advancement

Wildblooded (Primal) Bloodline and Fire Affinity

Spirit Warden shaman and Command Undead

Cohorts and falling Leadership score or PC death

Surprise ambush

Casting spells and moving

Grab and Constrict Damage

Denounce spell clarification

Amulet of Spirits: Can an Oracle benifit from it?

Readied Pistol Spell, Questions of How it Works

Endure Elements Contradiction

Rays, touch attacks and feats

Does a Bouda Witch still select a Patron?

Heavenly Fire vs. Good Undead

Investigator Antiquarian - Trinket Use

Mages Magnificent Mansion (pathfinder 1E)

Bardic Versatile Performance

Trompe l'oeil & Troops

Blood Intensity vs Intensified Spell

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