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Some questions regarding Complete Arcane (DND 3.5)

Charme and Verbal Threat

Witch spell learning

Create Magic Item Pricing doubts

Can you use fabricate to make bigger and smaller gems?

Expeditious Retreat + Haste?

Benefit of Shepsi-ak's Funerary Mask for Undead?

Size and on higher ground

2 weapon fighting

Slam Attack

Rager's Aid Questions

hexes and blindness

Augmented Summoning Feat

Underworld Inspiration (Ex)

dimension door carries allies to make full attack

Summoned animal's that can rage

Summoning and Buffing

Ankh Lesser Talisman question

sneak attack vs spells

Dhampir hunter, Vampiric Companion and Raise\resurrection of Animal Companion how does that go?

Can the Hardening Spell Stack?

Mental Focus Enchantment and Mithral Breastplate

[ACG] Hunter and Animal Focus

Dragon Disciple and non-dragon bloodline sorcerers, can they take it?

Season Witch

Vigilante Talent

Lizardfolk, Lizardfolk or Lizardfolk?


Can you interrupt Dimensional Dervish?

Natural Invisibility

Spell Turning and Meteor Swarm

Can you teleport into a void?

Hiding Vampirism

Dust of Disappearance vs Glitterdust

Supernatural or Spell-Like abilities that emulate Spells, do they still function like the spell?

If I use a Hex against a creature that is sleeping, do they wake up?

Beginner question

Soulbound Construct: How does it work again?

Feather domain and Flight

About the whirlwind ability of air elemental

If I use a Hex against a creature that is sleeping, do they wake up?

Caustic Eruption - self destructive?

Improved familiar intelligence

Full Round Action and a 5' Step?

If an oozemorph is also using unarmed strikes in addition to their Morphic Weaponry, Do those primary attacks become secondary?

Is there a way to make a Large Animal companion Gargantuan?

Strength bonus types

Cloak of the Manta Ray

Change shape question

Harvest Parts max discount

Skald Rage Power skipping to share

Wild Shape and Character Weight.

Ranged Legerdemain in Combat when Invisible

Nat 1's and stages of failure

Banner of the Ancient Kings

Touch of Idiocy and Lesser Restoration

Crafting / hours per day while adventuring

Clocksmith familiar upgrade cost

What is "The Elephant in the Room" as it pertains to Pathfinder?

Illusions, touch, and saves to disbelieve

Character "holding a charge" is considered armed, threatens, can make AoO, Spellstrike?

Healing Cold Weather Damage

Critical hits and enhancement bonuses.

Critical hits and enhancement bonuses.

Paracletus familiar

Grab ability question

Can VMC Cleric take an Inquisition or an Animal / Terrain domain?

Interaction with Timeworn

Glove of Storing a Loaded Firearm

Does a caestus impede grappling?

Dervish Dance question

Can VMC Cleric take an Inquisition or an Animal / Terrain domain?

Archetype Stacking? (Sorrowsoul and Thundercaller)

Can Fuse / Pellet Grenades be used with Vital Strike?

Is death by removal of CON buff intended?

If an ability has a type listed (Su, Ex) but it grants abilities of a different type, what does it count as?

Would Bracers of Armor stack with Enhancement bonuses to Armor?

Paladin with a necromancy spell like ability

Delayed Consumption and Infusion

Skill ranks - easy question

About rebuffing reduction feat

Shadowshooting and Technology

Animate dead PLEASE HELP

Cavalier Challenge + Spell Damage

templates vs levels

Trample / Overrun a flying creature

Can mythic versions of spells be made permanent?

Ninja Prestige classes

Impact + Shield Slam Bull Rush Bonus

Non magical amnesia and toughness

Evangelist - Prestige Aligned Class?

Hinyasi Brawler's Improvisation Training: When Do You Get It?

Auspice animal companion's effective cleric level?

Build help. Magic missle user Level 7 To 12 need a character who can actually do something

Boons and Character level?

mythic question

Question about caster level of Spells and over coming a foes SR

Dragonslayer's Shield

Compsognathus familiar question

Synthesists and Equipment

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