Rules Questions

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I'm lost trying to understand Totem Spiritualist

Combat Competence and Oversized weapons for fighters.

Amulet of Mighty Fists

Xanesha Attacks

Does Improved Critical with a Double Weapon apply to both sides of the weapon?

Cartomancer / magus question

Monk with clockwork prosthetic limbs

Interaction between pack master and animal companion feats

Gunslinger Targeting

If I apply trompe l'oeil template to a vampire, does it still have vampire powers / weaknesses?

Toppling spell + Magic Missile how many checks?

Can I hold multiple Freezing Sphere's at once?

Additional Unseen Servants?

Kineticists, Burn and Negative Levels or Energy Drain.

Empower Spell Plus some bonus damage.

Charm and caster's allies, also bluff

Figurine of Fabouls power Tiny Hut

Bestial Rags and Elementalist Shifters

Animal Companion questions

+3 / +1Leveraging shield + shield master ...cmb=?

Aggressive Thundercloud

Spirit Summoner - Dark Tapestry spirit - Alien Summons , does it work?

Telekinetic Maneuvers - Disarming and moving opponents.

Boneworking! What is it good for?!?!?!

Understanding Grapple (Complicated Edge Cases)

Behemoth Golem Manual

Hiding the rope from rope trick

Gun Training + Scatter Weapon

Using an Acid Flask or Liquid Ice as a Focus Component

Cost of Durable Darts

Wakizashi and Slashing Grace

Children of Mythic beings, are they mythic?

Serpentstone pricing.

psychic knowledge?

Ninja - Invisible Blade (su) - How does this work?

Can a Wizard create a Cure Light Wounds potion using the Fey Magic Human trait?

Floating Disc Question

Question about the spell Pyrotechnics and the blind condition.

Inherited Template question.

Can bleachlings die of old age?

Detect Magic & Finding Magical Traps

The Oracle: Ancient Lorekeeper "May Choose" caveat: thoughts?

Arcanist bloodline development with Familiar

Ranged disarm with an improvised... "weapon"?

Heartseeking Called Shots to Heart

Druid Wild Shape Questions

Can a large creature shoot (but not load) a medium-sized double crossbow using only one hand?

Skald's Inspiring Rage and Undead Allies

Diseased Attacks of Undead

Stacking Black Tentacles and Web?

Feat Ping Pong

looking for an evil spell

Spellslinger: Spells + Enhanced Gun

Slurk mount

Bypassing one-step Cleric alignment rule?

fighting defensively and casting spells requiring touch attacks

Counting as Human for the Favored Class Bonus

Poison Check

Another question about Hold Person.

Could someone clear up a question about summoning for me?

Planar Binding, Dimensional Anchor and Dismissal

Cyclic Reincarnation after Reincarnation

Is using a magical device to “force” a neutral or evil person to be good considered an evil act?

Does True Strike work with Black Tentacles?

Phalanx fighter question

Disguise Self limitations

Void Scythe weapon questions

Oracle - Oceans Echo Inspiring Song

Oath of Vengeance + Tempered Champion

Leshy Creation Ritual Cost

Caltrop Beads clarification

“Use Your ‘x’ level instead of bab

Aberrant Black Blood Bloodrager?

Holy Sword Clarification?

Pathfinder Unchain Variant Multiclassing - The Witch

Mount, forced march and Handle Animal

Form of the dragon and manufactured weapons?

Helpless Condition

Living Grimoire Blessed Script and Swift-action Spells

What Golarion Calendar day would the Solstices be on?

Divine Favor Q

Fighter Weaons Training and weapons Focus cahin of feats

flank with big creature

Evolved summoned monster + Special attacks (Rake and Powerful charge)

Mystic Theurge

Split Slot domain slot?

Battering blast and Mages crossbow

Can a spell-like ability be cast into a Ring of Spell Storing?

Does Imprisonment work on an Eidolon?

Prowler at World's End Bloodrager Archetype Questions

Can Bane weapons bypass special material DR?

What is a light Siege Engine?

Riving Strike questions

Can Arcane Eye be noticed with a perception check?

Spell Cartridge Minimum Damage.

And Yet More Questions for the Rules Lawyers…

Alter Summon Monster

Is it necessary to finish a charge in the space in which you hit?

Can the Havocker still learn Hexes via Extra Hex feat?

Orc Goliath Druid PFS legal 20th level build out advice needed

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