Rules Questions

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Blood Intensity vs Intensified Spell

Ghost Equipment

Improved Familiar Progression?

Magic Missile into water?

Empowered Metamagic

Familiars roll initiative

Champion path ability and spell

Arcane Archer and Wizard Arcane Schools

Companions and evolutions.

Bardic Versatile Performance

Question about Advanced Weapon Training / Weapon Specialist

Enlarge Person

Wayfinder, Ioun stone and random power

Construct Caller Summoner Archetype and No Con Save

Void and Aether Arcane Schools

Mestama Demonic Obedience

A tiny Orc Hornbow

lvl2 eldritch guardian, lvl1 monk and hands detachment

Dismissing Wind Walk: what happens?

Kinetic blade

Bloodrager Alternate Capstone

Brilliant Energy vs. Disruption vs. Flaming

Shooting at someone you are in combat with - penalties?

Do Casters Know When Their Defensive Casting DCs are Increased?

Question on Magus Soul forger Archtype

Force Soles in zero g

Versatile Training (Fighter) and character advancement

Skulls and Shackles - How much plunder can Magic items hold?

Rules precedence

Quivering palm and weapons?

Specialized Magic Item Crafter

Thunderstomp Question

Warpriest - Swift Actions

Masterful Talent Untrained

Familiar / Improved familiar, skill ranks and progression

Bonus Spells in very high level mythic games

Dazing spell + ongoing damage [PF1]

Is there a way to turn magic armor into barding?

Details of Orichalcum Dust

Potions to another creature, Familiars use Potions.

Touch Attack question

Undersize Mount Feat


Charge Penalty Stacking

Questions about magic traps.

Bloodrider Blood Bond Beast Shape

Permanent Image - hiding Wakanda

Greater Weapon of the Chosen and Cleave

Coats of many things and patches

Marvelous Pigments product value

Ragathiel's Obedience

Blood Crow Strike cast time

Can the mutagenic Mauler take extra discovery past level 10?

Ways to bring a plant back to life

Snatch feat clarifications

Can a 9th level Efreeti Bloodline Sorcerer with Efreeti form bloodline ability (a variant of giant form I), use enlarg person afterwards t increse his size further

Demon attributes and immunities

Simulacrum Create Spawn

Ring of Sustenance on a horse?

Question about Soul Archer

This may sound dumb, but is there any rules text for or against using a body part in a manner that is akin to a Natural Attack, as an Improvised Weapon?

Dazzling Display and Bardic performance

Command Spell and a chasm

Improved Weapon Shift + Amulet of Mighty Fists

Pestilent Feat X Fecund Familiar

Luck domain ability

Life Oracle with Enhanced Cures using Ring of Curing

Can a crafter mix two ingots to create an item?

Umbral Court Agent, Grasping Darkness + Domain Strike

Genie-Touched Companion must have to be a horse ?

Adaptive Shifter Unfettered Wild Shape

Wizard bonus feat for a Familiar feat

Half-Elf Alternate Racial Trait: Inspire Inspiration... Replaces Skilled?

ring of the ecclesiarch and cohorts

Shaman Spellcasting

Wands and rays / missiles?

How does Unarmed strike work with natural attacks?

Is the Snowball spell effective underwater?

This is going to sound dumb, but is there anything stopping a “pet” companion from using Variant Multiclassing?

Mounted + hurling charge + spirited charge + throwing lance

ring of the ecclesiarch and cohorts

Talismanic Implement

Kineticist Infusion Specialty Question

Wind Blast cloud subdomain ability vs. Cloud Golem.

Grappling Swordfighter

Arcane exploit

Conductive Weapon Critical Hits

What happens when you gain spell resistance after being affected by a spell?

Caryatid Column Question - Shatter Weapons (Ex)

Hunter Archetype Domain Choice

What's the range for Inspired Rage?

Pure steam - technological bike

Preparing Wizard spells multiple times in day

Can you put demonic vermin template on worm that walks by raw?

Can you see yourself? (Motivating Display)

Kineticist and Oracle's Spirit Boost ability

Ranger Divine Focus

Insistent Benefactor


Spell - Contingent Action - Trigger on Your Own Attack?

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