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Stacking arcane archer abilities

Venomous Stare / Anathema Interaction? (1E Mesmerist / Investigator)

Ascetic form and specified style strikes.

Missing Mythic Powers?

Bodyguard Feat (one FAQ to rule them all?)

Verduous Ooze

Dragon disciple Bloodrager bloodline or Sorcerer Bloodline

Starting square and Grace spell

Undead Druid and Wildshape

Flanking question on large creature

[PF1E] Need some clarification on Kinetic Blast vs DR and SR…

Inevitables and Memory of Function.

Mesmerist Touch Treatment

Magic Trick: Mage Hand, Action Economy?

Any hex wizard archetypes?

Does prowler at world's end stack with urban bloodrager?

Unchained Monk Elbow Smash

Anchorite of Dawn and Oracle

Will the damage from Elemental Overflow be increased by Metakinesis?

Dark Whispers and Spell Range

Request for Jason - Please clarify the Shades spell!

Investigator Inspiration Pool size?

Action Economy on Archon Style

Druid Animal Companion advancement

Animal Companions and Natural Armor

Possession Spell

Can a Wizard use Feral Speech to learn spells from a Witch's Familiar?

Ww1 Campaign vehicle stats HELP!

Succubus in a grapple.

Using an item while its in Gloves of Storing

Dimension Door and "Open space"

"skilled surgeon" regional trait - how to use

Potions of Heroism overpriced?

Soul Knife and weapon types

Wrestler character covered in baby oil

Shadow Mastiff vs Faerie Fire

How does Empty Quiver Style interact with Flurry of Blows?

Question about Stone and Wood Colossus Alternate Form and their selective antimagic aura

Dragons+Sorcerer stack?

Natural Lycanthropy and the Full Moon.

Mind Barrier and Rider effects

Choosing a trait that benefits only later, possible to take?

Improved Eldritch Heritage Interaction with Draconic Heritage Question

magic item crafting

What craft check are you rolling against for the Useen Engineers spell?

Item Mastery Feats...and Rage

Time to grow a good berry bush.

Can two crafters make one magic item?

Cleric oracle combination question

Monk AC Bonus + Bracers of Armor

Ki Visions.

Killed Summoned Monsters 24 Hour Reform Question

Looking for a way to reduce the time to treat deadly wounds

Mythic Demon Lord Questions

Questions about psychometabolic corruption

Gilded whispers and Arcane Eye

Does a giant scorpion have a climb speed?

Gem of Seeing action

Fortnite building class?

Alchemist throwing Bone Burn at Undead?

Fungal Creature template and creature types...

Casting spells stealthily

Transformative Single to Double Weapon Enchantment Questions

Outflank + Paired Opportunist + Crit Chains?

Am I right that cipher script doesn't affect book rental?

Ioun Stones

Automatic Bonus Progression and Familiars or Animal Companions

Vigilante's Favored Maneuver

Can you cast a spell at a lower caster level?

Cursed Item Identify DCs?

Dual Class Spell Duration and Damage

Kill a ghost in an anti-magic shell

Do the border guards have an illegal potion?

Explosive Calligraphy stacking damage

Item crafting gold requirement npc vs player

Friendly Switch. Full movement switch or 5-foot-step switch?

Does Cackle / Chant extend one or all Hexes

Do flying creatures that get stunned fall?

Permanency and Magic Item Effects on a valid target that later becomes an invalid target

Magical Knack and Negative Level

Firearm oil

Mounted Combat Questions

Can't I create a Cleric with access to four domains?

Phantom Charisma Ability Bonus

Blood Hexes for Shamans / Witches

Feather Token (Tree) Rules question.

Polymorph any object and possession

Cassisian Human Form

Exemplar Trait + Magical Knack

Create Demiplane (non-lesser) and Genesis question

Runic Charge + Pounce

Dwarf druid with goliath archetype

Another Day and Grapple

Can an animal companion read?

Kineticist Supercharge total burn reduction

Natural Attacks and Multiattack

Goliath Druid wildshape into Two-Headed Troll, possible?

Bonus Stacking question

Emblem of Greed Questions

Oil of Tears to Wine?

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