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Bleeding in a Timeless Plane

Air Walk and Falling Damage?

Sno-Cone Wish Machine

Broken Wing Gambit, Paired Opportunist, and Linnorm Hunter Style AoO Chain

Create Demiplane, Greater

Dimensional Dervish and Flurry of Blows

Natural Attacks - A Comprehensive Look at RAW

Silence and Warpriest abilities

Lamp Oil and Caltrops?

Thunderstomp (Do you have options?)

Lich and unarmed strike

Simulacrum and inherent bonus

Phase Locking and nets

How many people does Tears to Wine affect?

Looking for a feat

Is Yellow Musk Creeper pollen spray a mind-affecting effect?

Sharesister and familiars / Proxy Summoning

Focusing Flask and Make Whole

Can a figment of your imagination eat a mouse?

Death Ward and Natural Attacks that deal Negative Energy damage?

Edit: (Nevermind) Dragoon muskets / pistols, How the h&!! does that work???

Priest of the Fallen qualify for Versatile Channeler?

Cavalier Alternate Banners & Human Favored Class Bonus

Magus arcana pool. probertys and enhancment with 1 arcana point ?

Living Grimoire's bane

Brawlers flurry and improved two weapon fighting

Previously unanswered FAQ thread!

Natural Attacks in Combination with attacks made with a melee weapon and unarmed strikes

Spiritual Weapon: which spells and effects do affect it?


Flowing Monk Redirection question

How many different ways are there to qualify for joining a coven?

Does a Zefaheen animal companion need a trick to use its air walk ability?

Instructor Wizard's Apprentice

Does the shining child's "Burning Touch" ability stack?

Adapting perfrom for craft results in quality (More detailed explanation inside), feedback appreciated.

Query on oddities with Cabal Devil

Double Crossbow and Vital Strike

Is it noticeable when creature under Alter Self uses Alter Self to change into exactly the same form?

How does Burning Arc work with the Orc Bloodline?

Is there a Witch archetype that grants access to a sorcerer bloodline?

Android trait - repairing nanites

Throwing / Returning Double Weapon?

Teleportation Circle+Permanency but they are scrolls.

Crafting magic items and spells of a higher level that i can cast

Sleep Spell

Thorny Entanglement and Continuous damage

Leveling after Mortal Usher

Magus fighter training ability

House Rule - Polymorph spells and the appearance you get, any problem I'm missing?

How many attacks a magus can make with spellstrike and spell combat

Symbol of Sleep - how to remove

Rogue Talent: Occult Dungeoneer

Total Defense Question

Buckler with a Hooked Boss

Monsters with PC class levels and PC-equivalent gear?

PF2 Rogue Surprise Attack

Weapons / musical instruments?

Question about a boon from Down the Blighted Path.

Harm or Heal spell when targeting a friendly undead unit

shield hardness question

Combat Patrol and Threaten Range with Reach

Magic Jar vs. an Outsider

Tracking or +1 / 2 bonus

Cayden Calian Tankard Style Brawler Question

Shaman Battle Spirit

question about healing warmth

Investigators and the Brew Potion feat

Scrolls and Casting

Damage calculation and Application with Clustered shots and DR / -

Ankou's Shadow (Slayer Archetype) Shadow Double

Elemental Body questions

Automatic Critical vs Fortification

A Spell to Copy Writing

Scroll Caster Level Check?

Can I wield a Saw-tooth Sabre with my tail as a Ratfolk using the Versatile Design weapon modification while being a Red Mantis Assassin?

Blindness / Deafness and Remove Curse

Multiclassing Class Talents level increase bonus

Shield Brace and Strength modifiers: What do you get?

MYTHIC COMBO. Perfect aid + Team Player

MYTHIC COMBO. Perfect aid + Team Player

Spiritual Ally...after dark!

Ioun Kineticist and Jagged Flesh

Multiple Patron Deities

1st Edition - Call lightning STORM - HOW MANY BOLTS in ONE ROUND

Horizon Walker and Boots of Friendly Terrain

Wyrwood / Living Machine

Warpriest vs Feeblemind

Do Handy Haversacks have a piercing vulnerability like bags of holding?

Enhancing Non-Standard Damage Types

Instant weapon question

Urgathoa's Hunger

Kineticist Full Attacking Touch AC for 175.5 Damage At Level 9?

Bonded Witch's Bonded Item

Witches, hair, and what good they are

Skeleton Template: what does the loss of HD do to you?

Swarm grapple blood drain

Resist Enegy Spell vs Alchemist Bombs

Snatch Arrows and Rocks

Elemental Familiar Archetype - Elemental Manifestation [Fire], damage at 1st level

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