Rules Questions

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Can you give a golem magic items?

A Question on Warpriest Blessings

How does Metamagic Spell Specialization Work?

Ogre Cohort?

Does Ashen Path work against mundane fog or smoke?

Boar Style: Way to make it Keen?

The Magus, the Monstrous Physique Spell, and the Multiweapon Fighting Feat

Mirror Image Again

Throwing shield and action economy.

Chaining different combat maneuvers.

Life Bubble and Radiation

Overun combat maneuver versus phalanx troop subtype

Throwing Shield and action economy

Steely Mind (Ex) and Cape of resistance

neither familiar nor bonded object?

Paladin's Divine Bond in combination with a Magic +1 Sword and Magic Weapon spell.

Arrowsong's Lament question

Are 'Mind Sword' & 'Tempered Champion' compatible archetypes?

Making Non-Standard / Variant Magic Items

Darkleaf Cloth options

Critical hit on yourself

Boon Companion + Class Features

Cavalier Mounts

Insight Bonuses(AC) Questions

Phantoms: Incorporeal manifestation

Question about the possession / magic jar spells.

Stacked Unfollowed Bull Rush

Questions about force armor and force damage

Charisma and sacred bonus to AC against touch attacks

Do critical hit effects fail on critical hit negation?

Is this an eligible feat option?


Can Slayer Studied Target be combined with regular move action?

Small character using a medium sized light weapon?

Saving throws on weapon enhancement spells? Don't understand?

Barracuda Slam & Finesse Training

Multiclassing into multiple classes that grant mutagen.

Monk / Alch Catfolk TWF

How does the Star Watcher archetype work (in Ultimate Wilderness)?

hunter's animal focus

change shape vs wild shape

Spells with Concentration Duration

Warpriest vs domains

Is Perfect Ice a Throw Splash Weapon?

Buckler for Flanking or threatening

unattened Objects (Grab and Go feat)

Golem Immunities vs. Fire Shield.

Casting defensively forces magus to fight defensively?

Silent Hunter Racial Trait & Unchained Stealth Interaction.

Can any character get Style feats, or only Monks?

Arcane Trickster Question

Alchemist's Atlati. Reload

possession and energy drain

Does the Jistkan Artificer lose their Golem Arm when using Monstrous Physique?

Ride the Blast

Ascetic Style with Amulet of Mighty Fists?

Bardic Performance Fascinate Does target realize what happened?

Lesser simulacrum duration

Mirror Image + Displacement + Invisibility + Seeking special weapon property

Creating Ioun Stones

Incutilis Issues

Int and Skills

Experience gain in official modules

Wizard cantrip rules?

Gendarme bonus feats

How does attacking from Steqlth work?

Is this item meant to be a consumable?

Do levels in cavalier and hunter combine for mounts / AC's?

Sneak attack battering blast?

Official rulings as to how a spell storing weapon works?

Wildborn Barbarian weapon proficiency

Traveler's any tool, a magic weapon?

Monk Versatile Design questions

Touch Spells with Multiple Targets and a Move Action

Divine Bond Twice on a single weapon

About "Trait" Bonus Stacking

Magus, and understanding Spell Durations vs Spellstrike

Four arms and Tower shield prof

Brain Drain hex confusion

Mandravius's Armor (CotCT spoilers)

Coup da grace and slam

Improved Familiar and Class Skills

Surprise Maneuvers - Do Studied Target & Sneak Attack Stack?

PF 1st Edition - Giant Ancestry Rule Question

Pack Flanking and Sneak Attack

Robot's Bane Feat Question

Hexes from Blood of the Moon

Do improvised weapons take damage when used?

Alchemist questions(Distilled Spells, Alchemical items)

new campaign and we're changing seats

Would this stack?

Charged Water Blast vs Golems

Revisiting the Arcane Deed Question

Possession and Polymorph

Question on spell levels

Sorcerer Pheonix question

Confused Condition vs Confusion Spell

Consuming polymorphed (any) object questions.

The Burn! Burn! Burn! feat and alchemist's bombs

summons vs genie

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