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"Seize the Initiative" Question

"share spells" for summoner / eidolon

"Sheathing" a Pool arm

"Shifters Fury" / TWF / Feral Combat training ???

"Simultaneous" Spells and Fiery Shuriken

"Slapping Tail" racial ability

"Slashing Grace" question

"Sliding Axe Throw" from Dwarves of Golarion

"Soften Earth and Stone" and "Cave-ins", trying to understand.

"Soothsayer’s Raiment" & extra armor

"specialized in skill"

"Spend a Move Action"

"Stand Still" feat versus 5-foot step

"Standard action" vs. "in place of a melee attack"

"Standard" cavalier and triceratops

"Start / Complete Full-Round Action" and spells.

"Strength Penalty" and "Strength Damage". Are they the same thing?

"Such as or insanity"

"Summon" universal monster rule

"Surge" power from the Oceans subdomain

"Switchable-at-spell-prep" granted skill [on headband of vast intellect]

"Swooping down" and flyby attack

"Take 1" on skills, checks, etc.

"Taking Fire Damage"

"Tenacious Spell" metamagic and "Vanish"

"The Bear's Jig" Masterpiece on an animal companion

"The image disappears when struck by an opponent unless you cause the illusion to react appropriately." What?

"The Unicorn monk" or "Monstrous Mounts with Class"

"These rounds do not need to be consecutive" supernatural abilities

"This is a Scroll of X"

"Toothy" racial trait + Eldritch Heritage & Universal Monster Rules

"Treasure: NPC Gear" for CR < 1 creatures

"Treat this as a temporary bonus..."

"Treated as having a Dexterity of 0"

"Treated as magic for damage reduction" and incorporeal

"Trip-Locking Doesn't Work" - Official Ruling or Not?

"True Name" Benefit?

"Tusked" racial trait vs. "Razortusk" feat

"Typeless" Healing vs Positive Energy

"Types" of bleed damage

"Ultimate" Move-First, Stealth, & Detecting Rogue

"Unarmed" (for the purpose of Catch Off-Guard)

"Undead" as favored enemy for a Ranger?

"Use Magic Device" is not a class skill for wizards?!

"Using the Shadowdancer's level"

"Wealth by Level" vs. Total Earnings

"Weapon treated as X"-effect and regeneration

"Weapons cannot possess the same special ability more than once."

"Well-Prepared" Feat - WTF?

"White Mage" Archetype and Mystic Theurge

"Wielding" Unarmed Strike

"Wild" Armor Enhancement

"Windy Escape" vs. a grapple?

"Wouldn't Disadvantage the PC"

"X-based skills" when ability scores are swapped

"You can freely pass your own arcane lock without affecting it."?

"You can only apply sneak attack damage to ray spells that do hp dammage". Is this statement true?

"You can’t move diagonally past a corner" : I didn't understand this

"You must be aware of the attack..." means what exactly?

"You take no damage and suffer Poison" - Wat?

"your level" = total character level or class specific level

"Zone of Truth" effect "Speak with Dead" or similar spells?

# of actions for a familiar to deliver a touch spell to an ally

# of attacks allowed

# of Sneak attacks in 1 round?

# of uses for Elemental Fist.

#sigh# another leadership question....

''Archetypes'' in the Advanced player's Guide

'Ancestral Gift' Spell questions

'Awakened' animal companions

'Beginning' play with class provided weapons.

'Bit of Luck' creating magic items

'Called weapon quality and Handi Haversack.

'Character Level' vs 'Class Level' Ambiguity

'Circlet of Persuasion' and 'Turn Undead Feat'

'Curing' a cursed item?

'Current Level' for feat benefit

'Dayborn' Dhampir and Alternate Dhampir Heritages

'Distracting Charge' feat plus stacking

'Elemental Fist' and Weapons

'Epic' DR?

'for the next round' what does that exactly entail?

'Hands', Two Weapon Fighting and Unarmed Strikes

'Low' Int and Metamagic

'Menacing' weapon and 'Gang Up'

'Mount' plus 'Wartrain Mount'

'Multiple Doses' of Poison

'Mundane' Craft check results and multiple items

'Nature Soul' and 'Friend to Animals' Feats - Possible to get at 1st Level?

'On Command' magic items

'Permanent Wounds' Clarification

'Planar Hunter' feat question

'Pounce' and 'Awesome Charge'

'Remove Disease' before onset

'Replacing and Copying Spellbooks' Question

'Resilient Sphere' inside a belly of a beast

'selfish Bards' using Saving Finale & Gallant Inspiration on themselves

'sky swim' clarifications

'Slow' plus 'Quickness(su)'

'Smite Evil' on < level 5 aligned characters

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