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Rules Questions

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Hidden Presence spell followed by Charm Person

stone discus

Healing bonus' on spells when applied as damage against undead.

Two questions about mage's mansion

Kineticist question

Can a ring effect be dispelled?

vault keeper confusion

Waking Sleeping Ally - AoO?

Can an Arcane Bond item be replaced with an item of another category?

Make whole potions from Pathfinder Player Companion: Potions & Poisons

How does the Army Across Time & Coven Hex combo work

Intelligent Items and Construct Possession

Grab, Large Creature and Charge

Would this D12 increase to 2d6, 1d20 or not change. Mythic Legendary item question.

Spell targeting a creature twice?

Sarrisa and Combat Patrol?

Carrying Capacity of Flying Creature (Mount) ?

Swift Actions during an attack of Opportunity

Scrutinize Spell when it work?

Touch spells and natural attacks

Bloodrage, extreme mood swings and moment of greatness

Outer Channeler perplexities

Spell target vs invisibility

Chakra Initiate feat as a prereq?

Spellsong Silliness

Occultist Curator Questions

Summoner, eidolon, animal companion and pack flanking

Is the mirror of mental prowess portal tied to the user or to use?

Question about Fighter (Archer) trick shot ability for doing a Ranged Sunder

Kingdom builder, and multi-turn building

Scarab of protection greater costing question.

Knowing the duration of time stop?

Holding Supernatural Abilities: Vitalist

Rolling d100?

stone discus

Question about soul gems, anyway to release the soul and keep the gem?

Flaying Tentacle Cloud

Evolutionist summoner and evolutions dependent on base form

Kingdom builder, and multi-turn building

Can I voluntarily lower the caster level of a spell trigger item at the moment of activation?

Can the favored class bonus from one class be used on a different class.

I am reading time stops rules correctly?

Can you put a magic lantern on a lantern staff?

Multiclassing as Wizard - Receiving bonded object and spellbook

Am I right this would work under the rules?

Can a paladin empower Holy Sword

How do visual trigger traps work!?

Can an Alchemist extract target an object?


Arcane Familiar Negative Hitpoints

Lingering Performance and Soothing Performance

Can you cast two light spells if you have two classes?

Does the target know how to end Qualm (and similar spells)?

Mythic Spellpower & Augmented Mythic Spells

Combat Patrol and Maneuvers?

Temporal Accelerator, Haste and Rapid Shot

Neutral Fiend Keeper

Alchemist Tumor Familiar Discovery with the Protector archetype...

Storm of blades spell + oversized weapons

Spell Trigger vs Command Words (Specifically Wands)

SR Check vs multiple creatures

Uda Wendo Medium - Familiar w / Druid Domain

Does a magical shield or spell / effect that grants a shield bonus count as a shield?

Cloth armor

Knife Master archetype and Arcane Trickster

Interplanetary Teleport and Planar travel

Magic weapon and armor cost

Extending spell areas

Bestial Rags apply to Feyform Shifter?

Paladins and Shaken Condition

Flurry of Blows with Spell Combat. Why not?

Are All Undead Touch Attacks Negative Energy?

Variant Multiclassing and Bardic Masterpieces

Time Stutter & Summon Monster - When can the monster appear / attack?

Constrict and Swallow Whole

Student of Perfection and Chained Monk Archetypes

Pathfinder Versatile Performance question

can any evil outsider take possession feats?

Goblin Masterwork

Carry capacity "Drag or Push" ... at what speed?

Mythic Vital Strike clarification?

Can you allow yourself to be hurt if you have damage reduction?

Flesh Puppet’s Ephemeral String

Can an Unchained Monk have Qinggong Monks Diamond Soul

Does Burning Arc do damage to a fifth target?

Temp HP Stacking: Spirit Boost(Oracle Revelation) & Purifying Body(Spell)

Barbarian Pounce and flying

Divine Power and Flurry of Blows

Is the disease from the Contagion spell chosen or is it selected randomly?

realm retribution and being struck multiple times

What constitutes 'Base Speed'?

Ascetic Form & Ki powers

Ascetic Strike & Monk Robe's

Question About Attacking While Underground with Earth Glide

Time Mystery Revelation - Time Sight

Not another ragechemist thread

Death Druid - Phantoms, & Skill Focus

Using telekinesis like Sylar in Heroes

Phantom Form?

Song of Sarkoris questions

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