Round 3: Revised Magus Discussion

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Welcome to the Revised Magus Playtest

Magus character sheet

Magus Customization

Optimal weapon for a Magus

Has anyone tried making a Magus / Arcane Archer?

Touch spells are confusing me

Magus Archetype Feedback

Magus over powered?

Magus Archetypes ousted by the Carrion Crown players guide!

Melee Control Magus

Spellstrike, Touch Spells, and Combat Maneuvers

Wands and Spellstrike

Is Magus second or fourth declension?

Magus spellstrike spell crits

Shielded Magus

Spontaneous casting Magus

Magus / Duelist

Optimal magus Tactics

Multiple Rays & Close Range?

Magus and long lasting spells

Magus and Spellstrike

Spell Perfection?

The Merciful Magus

My idea for making a Staff of Parthalan

Pool Strike: Odd Rules Language and a Question

Trying to make a Dragon Age 2 Magus and have questions

Just noticed this- noob question

Suggestions on Magus build

Magus / Monk question

Magus Build Thread

Close Range as an Arcana is Biff

Anyone had fun playing a Magus?

An Arguement For A Spontaneous Spellcaster Option!

Greater pool spell question

Oh magus, how I love thee

Wand Wielder + Spell Combat + Use Magic Device = GM Hates me?

Shield Magus: could it work?

Magus vs. F / W / Eldritch Knight

We've seen them all now but...

Spell Combat + multiple natural attack?

Spellstrike + Close Range Magus Arcana

Playtesting the magus (lvl 1 to 19)

Trying to build a lvl 1 magus, frustrated with lack of....

Spellstrike and 2H weapons

High Level Campaigns with Magus 20+, Power gamers delight

My thoughts on the revised Magus

My Magus Experience

What Spells Should (Probably) be on the Magus Spell List?

Touch spells and movement

Suggestion: Something a Bit More Interesting During Latter Levels

Spell Combat with Every Possible Spell and a Question.

Strength Magus, Dexterity Magus

Close Range question

Where are the protection spells

The Arcane Armor Thing

That's telekinesis, Kyle! (Suggestion for must-have magus arcana)

Can a Magus double up on his Arcane Pool?

Awsome Magus Video

Custom Spells and expanded list

Yet another Broad Study question...

Magus enhancement on weapons

Please Eliminate The Arcane Pool

Wand of True Strike + Spell combat

Magus + Arcane trickster

Magus Spell Combat question

What makes my hand "free" for the purposes of Spell Combat?

Is Seltyiel getting a rewrite?

Greater Pool Spell Questions

Concerning interactions with Prestige Classes

Magus with a Familiar - kosher?

Link to Magus Round 1 PDF?

Arch-magus prestige

Magus Double-Double and Triple-Double

Jason a request

Is Words of Power realy needed?

Ray Spells and Attacks of Opportunity question

Guesses on Magus specific Feats?

Spell Combat

Spell Combat + Haste / Hasted Assault = Not compatible?

Concentrate Arcane

Magus vs. Magus / Eldritch Knight Comparisons

Magus Spell Progression

Spellstrike and Spell Combat Niches, and more.

Corner Case: Shocking Grasp w / Spell Combat

Playtest: Magus [Council of Thieves][limited spoilers]

Magus / Spell Synthesis

Cold Iron weapons interacting with Arcane Pool

Pool Spell = Free metamagic?

Spellstrike - Concentration

Spellstrike + Close Range arcana + Arcane Blast feat = possible ?

Intensified Spell + Shocking Grasp

Spellstrike and critical hits

Arcane Strike feat and the Arcane Pool ablity Question

Stupid pool spell questions

Knowledge Pool - Dangerous!

Spell Combat + Spellstrike: clarification please

Limit Spell Strike to standard castings

Spring attack

Knowledge pool to get spells to write in spellbook...

Just Noticed Something About Pool Strike

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