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Round 3: Revised Magus Discussion

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As some of you probably already know, it really seems that whether or not you are a DEX-based Magus or a STR-based one, the scimitar is the best option all around. Dropping the d8 from a longsword to a d6 of the scimitar seems worth it considering the increased crit range. Getting critical hits more often increases the chance to do double damage with a channeled spell also.

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Yeah, Scimitar is generally the best way to go. Unfortunately, Dervish Dance is the only way to do decent damage when Finessing. Piranha Strike isn't bad but the penalty to get the bonus damage is clearly less impressive.

Str builds can do some good things with a Bastard Sword or Aldori Dueling Sword but probably need Heirloom weapon to make it workable with as feat starved as this class can be. Being able to two hand the weapon and get the sizable damage benefits from doing so (and using power attack if you can) when not using Spell Combat can raise your average DPR across your first 10 levels when you'll be doing a lot less Spell Combat than later when you have more spells and Greater Pool Spell at your disposal.

Yeah, I agree. As you said, using a feat for a minuscule bump in damage from a d8 to a d10 weapon isn't a good idea. Even with using a trait for heirloom weapon, I don't see it being worth it. I really can't see much of a mechanical reason for anyone playing a Magus to use an exotic weapon. Giving up a feat or even a trait doesn't seem worth it.

Meh if they get a one handed reach weapon for the exotic weapon feat I would consider that a worthy investment.

I must say I'm playing such a magus and it is working fine for me.

There's a one handed reach weapon?

Canonically, whips.

Well in this case the GM allowed me to burn the feat to use a small bardiche as a one handed weapon without the penalties for size difference.

Considering those penalties are less than the normal non-proficiency penalty he considered it an even trade.

But whips work too.

ive working on 2 brand new skills
after read the books of world of darkness Vampire, i achieve an idea, the exotic weapon feat and armor proficiency feat, are a useless ones.

first time, i let the players pick up a exotic weapon for one level, with the penalties, at the very next level they gain that proficiency in the weapon or armor or x without expending a feat.

now i try to make it (and keep it) simple
2 skill points cost a weapon proficiency, armor, and thats all
some one like it?

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