Wands and Spellstrike

Round 3: Revised Magus Discussion

I know that, without the Wand Wielder Magus Arcana, I cannot use a wand as part of Spell Combat.

However, I believe that using it along with Spellstrike is perfectly okay - use the wand, channel it through my rapier, attack with the rapier in place of the melee touch attack, just as if I had cast the spell normally.

That works, right? And for other spell trigger items, as well? Similarly, can you use Spellstrike with scrolls or other spell completion items?

In my last game, we came across a partially-charged wand of Shocking Grasp (CL 3), and I didn't end up using it in a major fight because I wasn't 100% certain it was legal, and wanted to check in to make sure before I inadvertantly cheesed something.

Answering your question: yes, it works. And yes, with other spell triggers. And yes, with spell completions too.
The only restrictions are "must be a touch spell" and "must be a magus spell". Thus you can use spellstrike any touch spell from the magus list, regardless of source.

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