Spellstrike and 2H weapons

Round 3: Revised Magus Discussion

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I am wondering if the Spellstrike feature would allow for the use of the 2H weapon attack. It simply says you have to cast the spell and then channel it through your weapon as part of the melee attack. So holding my 2H weapon in one hand, I cast the spell and then grab with two hands bashing the snot out of my foe.

Does anyone know if this has been discussed and if it is allowable?

I fell Spell Combat is very clear you have to have a hand free to use the two attacks. Spellstrike is not as clear.

It sounds like you are trying to use spell combat to spell strike. As such that's not an option.

However if you had a spell cast and then were using a two handed weapon and wanted to spell strike you could.

Scarab Sages

The way I read the two is Spell Combat is what allows the Magus to cast a spell and attack with a weapon (with penalities) in the same turn as a full attack.

Spellstrike on the other hand allows the Magus to cast the spell and "deliver the spell through ANY weapon as part of the melee attack".

So Spell Combat allows for the casting of the spell during my full round of actions, then the Spellstrike allows it to be one melee attack roll to deliver the damage of both the weapon and the spell (I am figuring I still have to take the -4 on the melee attack roll)

Spell combat allows the casting of a spell and an attack for full round actions with one weapon that is either light or one handed. It can't be used with two weapon fighting or a two handed weapon.

On spell strike you are ok.

Spellstrike is usable with any manufactured weapon, and only for melee attacks.

So yes, you can use spellstrike through a greatsword. You can also use it on your longbow, you just won't be able to shoot the spell (whack people with the bow, will you!). Or, more ludicrously, cast spellstrike through the gnome you happen to use as a bludgeoning weapon in the bar brawl.

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