Round 2: Words of Power Playtest

PsionicFox's Playtest of the Words of Power

Playtest: Magus [Council of Thieves][limited spoilers]

Human Draconic Wordcster Sorcerer playtest

Short (and hopefully on going) Playtest

Words of Power Playtest: 12 / 9 / 2010


A Playtest

Playtest with Pair of Sorcerers and Summoning Wizard

Request for clarification regarding duration of multiple effect spells.

Feedback and questions regarding barriers

Words Of Power Playtest - Homebrew Campaign

The new warmage?

Skinsaw Murders Playtest--Boreal Sorcerer (spoilers hidden)

Short Playtest

What are your Words of Power?

[FILE, PDF] Words of Power Cost Calculator

Words of Power: Playtest

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