Link to Magus Round 1 PDF?

Round 3: Revised Magus Discussion

I'm looking for a link to the "Ultimate Magic Playtest—Round 1: Magus PDF". I can't find it on Paizo's website anymore. Does anyone have a link for that or can send it to me by email to It's a free PDF so no copyright problems here I hope!

Copyright has nothing to do with cost. Paizo was essentially using a non-exclusive license available to everyone for the term of the playtest from their site. If they want to invalidate that license now, they can, and also a secondary transfer is not part of a non exclusive license because no actual rights were transferred. It would really be no different than if it were a song someone purchased on cd and you asked them to send it to you on limewire.

I'm not saying that it is illegal, just trying to clear up confusion about copyrights.

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The Round 1 playtest document is no longer available. We did not want to cause confusion as to the current version for people joining the playtest. The most recent version of the Magus is available in the Round 3 pdf.

Also, Davick is correct. Just becuase a document is provided free of charge does not mean it is allowable to be shared freely.

A good way to remember this distinction is "Free as in Liberty, or Free as in beer?"

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