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So, I am a new comer to the pathfinder society and even pathfinder itself, but long time D&D fanatic. As my first character I will build a magus. There are a few things Im having a hard time deciding however, and would greatly appreciate any feed back.

As far as the fun and interesting side I had decided to go with half-orc. Even in 3.5 I enjoy using half-orcs in spell caster rolls. It is fun, slightly unexpected, and in my oppinion adds a bit of fresh air and lovable brutality that the half-orc would no doubt bring.

My other choice im struggling with is human. Relinquishing roleplay possibilty, and something that seems just plain interesting to me, for a more practical approach. The obvious appeal in this practicality is the bonus feat the human choice brings.

I first considered the flail, the possibilities of disarming and tripping seemed befitting of a character whom may rather disable an opponent first, then move forward from there. Of course going this route would intend upon me pouring feats into something that may later prove to be a loss of other choices that would have been more befitting of a fighter/caster style character that is the magus.

Again the practical part took hold of me and I looked to the bastard sword. A bump up to a d10, no fancy stuff just a straight up, good, solid sword. Of course a bastard sword would require an exotic weapon proficiency. Yet a small cost for a possibilty of consistant solid damage. Compared to the amount of feats that I would need to take full advantage of the flail while losing two points of possible damage dealing. So what should hold sway? Simplicity or possibility? Practicality or organic fun and flavor?

I present this problem to You my fellow Pathfinders and loving nerds, suggest away!

go with the fun of it. I have a half orc inquisitor.. he's awesome.. I took the ideal of liberation instead of a deity. Makes it much easier to play.. and more fun.

In your case, I would suggest looking at the racial traits in the back of the apg. theres one there that changes chains to a martial weapon for you. then go down the combat expertise feat line and get the trips. Only 2 feats that way then concentrate on the spell-casting side.. trip them, then bombard them with touch spells.

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These kinds of questions are hard to answer without a little more information from you. If you're looking to make a Dex/Finesse build then Human is a very competitive choice because you'll be able to get Finesse and Combat Casting at level 1. I assume, though, that you intend to go Str-based from your weapon choices. Thus, Half-orc is still decent.

Weapon depends on a lot of things. However, a few key points. One, the damage die of the weapon has little bearing on damage dealt in the final equation. A great deal more damage will be done by Str and power attack (or piranha strike) as well as magical enhancements. The Bastard Sword is not a good choice because of the EWP feat. You can use a Longsword two handed as well and only lose 1 damage on average. Because a feat is objectively worth at least two damage, EWP Bastard Sword is, from a mechanical perspective, trash.

The ability to disarm or trip is nice, though both of those abilities are extremely situational. I'd say go with the flail for fun but don't sink too much into using it for combat maneuvers.

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