Trying to make a Dragon Age 2 Magus and have questions

Round 3: Revised Magus Discussion

ok so thanks to @stral val and some personal add ons I now have the swordstaff weapon. I was plugging into my hafling twin magi when a bunch of questions came up:
1. I know that with double weapons you have to do each end seperately for enhancements but what about the poll ability (or in our campaign weapon bond) where you can enhance your weapons? I think @ level 5 on you should be able to divide enhancements
2. for spells with multiple touches ( chill and calcific touch for example) are both ends of the weapon considered to be holding the charge?
those are the main ones I think my other ones can be answered by these questions.
here are the stats for the swordstaffs
longsword version
martial/ exotic weapon (magi and EKs get free proficiency)
1d8 (piercing or slashing)/ 1d6 (bludgeoning) crit 20/x2
12 lbs 30gp
short sword version (short swordstaff?) for dex builds
1d6 (piercing or slashing) / 1d6 (bludgeoning) crit 19-20/x2
8lbs 25 gp

comp broke and I have a character limit on my ps3 bear with me
anywho exotic weapon proficiency allows you to use the blade end as a sword 1 size larger when wielding your swordstaff 2 handed
for the purpose of the craft staff, this counts as a masterwork staff if you paid for the bludgeoning end.

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