Welcome to the Revised Magus Playtest

Round 3: Revised Magus Discussion

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Welcome to the final round of the Ultimate Magic playtest, looking at a revised version of the magus. This messageboard is for general discussion concerning the revised version of the magus. Actual playtest feedback should go in the Round 3 Playtest board.

If you have any questions or comments about this process, we would love to hear them. Thank you for participating. It's great to have you on board.

Jason Bulmahn
Lead Designer
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I'm only seeing a cover page in the pdf.

EDIT: Yeah, downloaded again; one page pdf 613kb.

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Same here.

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So am I. I downloaded it twice to make sure it wasn't a glitch or something.

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Okay, folks, if you download it again, you should get the whole file this time.

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With Wand Wielder I can use a wand with Spell Combat. Can I use a wand, or staff with Spellstrike?

Hello all,

Where can I dl the PDF for this?

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Here. Linky

YuenglingDragon wrote:
Here. Linky

Thank you sir. Much appreciated.

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Anyone think some incarnation of Insightful Strike could really help this class?

Before any flames actually do some math and think about it. Magus is a MAD class. Armor Prof. set up means Dex is going to have some importance especially in the beginning levels. Intelligence is obviously highly important and so is strength/constitution. Even if you have ridiculous rolls the class is stretched thin trying to even compare to other combat classes which all receive some kind of class based damage bonuses not to mention taking a hit to attack on top of the 3/4 BAB just to use the signature ability.
Its low a/c makes me think glass cannon but its Damage output doesn't support this yet its not a skill class and doesn't summon some uber powerful minion.

I don't have time to do the math but if someone feels like it compare this

elf Magus (racial bonus added in already) with weapon finesse and insightful strike - which adds your int mod to your str mod to calculate your damage bonus

18 dex
18 int
14 str
12 con

I love the flavor of this class and the abilities are great but even trying to min max in a non min maxed group it comes out weak. but with insightful strike i can make my favorite character concept (typical elf bladedancer who can actually play like the badass i always roleplay him to be) without the struggle and failure encountered with about 15 splat books.

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