Round 2: Words of Power Discussion

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Words of Power Playtest Note

Word Families

Paizo Blog: Ultimate Magic Playtest

Ray and Touch Spells Get Saving Throws?

The new warmage?

Old spells done via words

Effect words requiring touch attacks with single target

Word Burning and level 0 spells

Something may be needed for spontaneous casters

WoP and Item Creation

Learning new words

Bard and words of power?

WoP should = Greater creativity, less number crunching

Words of Power Discussion

A step away from the Vancian Magic System

Character sheets for Words of Power

'Effect Word' Ideas

What are your Words of Power?

How does WoP stack up to True Sorcery?

Is Words of Power realy needed?

WoM Point Costs


Making Words of Power Playable

Question about saving throws on damage-dealing WoP spells

Multiple Targets and multiple effects?

More categories than Effect, Target

Possible alternate uses for Words of Power system

Flame Jet / Spark disparity

Burst, Spread, Emanation

Suggestion: Level Limits for WoP (and a few notes)

Spontaneous Substitution

What is the point of personal range?

A Little Flavour Suggestion: Words Of Power Be, In Fact, Words

Will Alchemists get in on the power words?

Word of Power and the Magus

Proposal to fix target word issues

Words of Power family: Power

Human Wordcaster Sorcerers and their favored class bonus (extra spells)

WoP : GM Tool?

Is backwards compatability the way to go at this point?

True freeform is it even possible ?

Question on the summoning words

ZoKathRa so what are these words ?

Request for clarification regarding duration of multiple effect spells.

Suggestion: More than one target word

Feedback and questions regarding barriers

Let's make some spells

IMHO there need to be 3 words in a spell

Quick-and-Dirty Spell Creation Rules

Item Creation with WoP

Barrier should be a target word, not an effect word

[FIX, PROPOSAL] Replacing Cost with Vancian slot

Fear Family lacking Fear descriptor

+3 DC for 2 points (and other Words of Power combos for fun and profit)

No Point to Points

Spellbooks, Scrolls, and Bonded Items


Word Costs for Words of Power: A little high?

How does WoP stack up to True Sorcery?

At a loss for words, or trading versatility for nothing.

[FILE, PDF] Words of Power Cost Calculator

How would you notate WoP on your character sheet?

Inconsistent description

too fiddly - get rid of "points"

Can't talk any of our casters into trying it

Questions about magic item / feat interactions

Word Burning Feat

Trading versatility for... versatility?

Summoning Words Question

meta magic feats

Total Points?

REQUEST: Algorithm or block diagram.

Wordburning: Requesting clarification.

Spell (word) stacking

Why are barrier spells lines?

How does this affect bonus spells?

Some Thoughts on Words of Power (And Obviously This is Just My Take)

Word Ratings

Are certain effect words going to count as their equivilent spells for crafting items and recharging staves?

Will the number of words you can use be limited?

What is it good for?

Limit on adding Wording Burning ´points´ (?) to Spell Slots?

let's make some word casters

Do sorcerers get points for the cantrips

All spellcasters feel the same with Words of Power

Why ever use small burst spells?

Duration Query

Why are Acid and Cold so danged expensive?

Possible Errata

Furhter splitting up some words

Energy and Meta Change (Magic Well)

The origin of lines

Repetition of Effect Words

Warlock and Words of Power

Touching Yourself: Personal vs. Single

Spontaneous Supremacy?

Touching Yourself: Personal Target vs. Single Target

Words Known at 1st Level

Power Words in Words of Power

Words of Power Psionics

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