Oh magus, how I love thee

Round 3: Revised Magus Discussion

So I'm a pathfinder noob and a board noob but I gotta say I love it. Every question I have is always answered on here. The Magus is the first class I played an I love it.
my character is a rogue 2/magus 6 I haven't used spell combat much as my bab is only 5 and I have the improved feint feat so I'm constantly using my move actions. Next level I get 2 attacks so I might use it more but so far I've used it once and it saved my bacon ( more on that later)
In an attempt to show me more on the arcane pool, my dm had an army of dragon men and orcs ambush our base. I had no time to prepare spells so I had to rely on 8 pool points to get away and kill an enemy mage! intense.
later we had a ship battle where the enemy ship stayed a constant 500 ft away. I was the only person with a way over there as I have a hippogriff so I picked up our dwarf fighter allowed the wizard and cleric buff us. With feinting and spellstrike I was consistently matching the damage of the fighter sometimes beating him.

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...Welcome to the game?

Glad you are having a good time?

I just... I don't know what to do, here.


EDIT: after re-reading the title, I remembered why I clicked on this - where's my Epic Magus Poem, OP?! Where I say!?

sorry for the double post I have a character limit (comp broke using ps3). Anywho after killing the captain we were surrounded! I used spell combat and cast flaming sphere to start burning the ship. it was pretty epic as my character is a halfling with small dog syndrome so he threatens the crew, gets laughed at and BAM!!!
outside of combat I'm a skillmonkey so I'm still pretty useful . we kinda put the old weapon bond rules back, it just made sense. I hope that the class doesn't change too much hopefully there'll be some magus specific spells/feats/prestge classes (sneaky magus please?) but long story short, I'm lovin this guy

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The OP returns, and still no "Ode Toe Yee Maguse".


Incidentally, the book should be out in mere weeks. We subscribers will hopefully get access to the pdf first or second week of April, and the book soon after.

oh magus how I love thee
your sword swinging and spell throwing
makes bad guys history
big or small
I love them all
running through town
choppin fools down
they all laugh when I say I'll cut something off
cuz I'm a lil halfling
named Dimitri Rachmaninoff

clearly I am not a poet

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I approve!

+1 internets!

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