Round 3: Revised Magus Playtest

Magus Playtest

PFS Magus Playtest

Playtesting the Magus in "Rise of the Runelords"

General player consensus G.P.C

Spell Combat / Spellstrike + Chill Touch

First Encounter with a L5 Magus

Lvl 1 Magus Playtest

Magus's TWF: 2H damage?

Spell combat and long lasting spells, thier effects last a long time

My Magus Playtest

Our Magus Playtest

Spell Combat and True Strike

Lvl 3 Magus Playtest

Lvl 2 Magus Playtest

Somatic Weaponry

TWF Magus worth a try?

second day playing magus

ProfPotts' Playtest

1st level party vs. a goblin magus

So many failed rolls...

Magus vs. Magus / Eldritch Knight Comparisons

Anyone had fun playing a Magus?

Repost: playtest

10th-level Magus VS CR 11 monsters, Arena Style

The High End of Things

My Test (very low levels)

Large party vs. Lvl 11 Magus bad guy and friends

08-Dec-2010 Revised Magus Playtest

Question: Spells known?

Level 12 Magus in the Arena of Further and Additional Doom

CR6 Magus BBEG

Please Eliminate The Arcane Pool

Lvl 8 Magus in the Arena of Doom

Magus makes an awesome switch hitter

Can a Magus double up on his Arcane Pool?

11th level party Magus Playtest

Elven Bladesinger (Magus 5)

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