Spellstrike - Concentration

Round 3: Revised Magus Discussion

Liberty's Edge

I assume you make a defensive concentration check with this ability. If you fail the check, do you still strike with your melee weapon?


Player A moves 30 feet up to Monster X. He uses spellstrike with shocking grasp. Player A fails concentration check, does that end his turn or can he still follow through and hit with melee?

I doubt, spellstrike is a modifier to delivering spells. Failing to cast the spell takes away your change at attacking. You do waste the standard/swift action if you fail to cast.

But correct me if I am wrong on this specific scenario: You can deliver the touch spell anytime in the round you cast it, meaning you can cast, move and punch. This reduces the number of times you actually need to cast defensively, akin to spell combat and 5' steps.

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