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Equipment and Description

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Errata and Typos (Equipment and Description)

Welcome to the Equipment and Description Playtest

Iron Pot subsidy and underpriced Saffron -- please fix

The Quarter Staff... A Strange Anamoly

Why would someone take a shortbow over a longbow?

Racial Weapons Idea - Templates

Monk Weapons - compress them back in.

Need more Non Magical Treasures

Alchemist's lab - overpriced?

Tanglefoot Bag - Too good?

Spiked Chain - Is it too good

Armor for Unusual Sized Creatures

[Armour] - Make Armours Equivalent

Smokestick - clarification needed

Temple Sword - Is a Monk automatically proficient

Unlimited Healing Magic Item - would you allow?

New weapons

Monk Robe, any way to get WIS to AC now ?

Picture of a bich'hwa?

Urumi - Weapon Finesse?

Weapon size confusion!

Mithral - Is it too good?

Great Club: Should it be a simple weapon?

Armor - Medium Armor Needs Revamping

Urumi - Weapon Finesse?

[Armor] A Consistent Armor Chart

Elven special weapon: inappropriate?

Equipment Illustrations

Where's the Maul?

[Armor] Hate for the chain shirt!

Reach Weapons or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Hate the Spiked Chain

[Armour] Suggestion -Brigandine

[Encumbrance] - Make formula for reduced speed explicit

[Armor] Max Dex / Speed / Armor Check Penalty - Based On Max Weight???

[Big Change] Get rid of max speed due to armor

Item Creation: What's the Cost of Giving an Item a Power from a Domain List?

More Alchemical Items?


Sword&Board idea: Tower Shield boost

Actually Wearing Armor is a Gimp

Halfling Weapon - Shuriken

Staff Costs - Too expensive?

Crossbow and Sling-Good god, give them something

Masterwork Ammuntion

[Armor and Weapons] Move Exotic Materials

[Description] Random Height and Weight table

[Armor] Shield Bonus

[Description] Unaligned

Magical Decks

Item Condition - Ruined

Ability Enhancing Magic Items - Am I reading this right?

Realistic repeating crossbow

Any desire to see helmets work like shields?

Artificial Masterworking

Starting Equipment + Money instead of just Money

Saving page count

[Armor] DR for Armors

Exotic Weapons - generally not good enough

Morningstar vs. Flail and what's a simple weapon

No weapon should cost 0 gp

Can we do anything to make the dagger a more viable weapon?

Clubs, Quarterstaves, and nonlethal damage

Missing weapons

Does equipment come in Small and Medium sizes?

Armor Class Problem

Shields and Combat Maneuvers

Masterwork Tool - not appropriate for every skill

Armor - Increasing the bonuses conferred by armor

Realism. Is there room for it in Pathfinder?

Reach weapons for small characters are just plain dumb

[weapon] Lasso, can we add it again?

What use is Weapon Type?

Ranged weapons - Range increments and size categories

Strange weights on a few weapons?

More kilt-like items? Vams, Helmets,...

Encumbrance-An attempt at a simple tracking system

Masterwork weapons and armor should cost x2 or x3, not +300gp and +150gp

Adventurers and Age

Increasing Shield Bonuses

[Weapons] Open Table Niches

The Earthbreaker

Torch as a weapon?

Whip Love

The Longbow-Overpriced?

The Ten Foot Pole

[Lifestyle cost]

[Weapons] Getting rid of 2DX damage

Backpacks and bags

Some suggestions for racial weapons

Armor & Equipment- Racial types & Exotics

Alchemical items-in need of a boost.

Dragonhide: Give it resistance, please!

Slinging Alchemist's Fire (Or other such goodies)

Still nothing on Grappling Hooks?

[Weapons] New Special Qualities

Shields-Don't do enough

Ammunition, hand Launched

Spiked Gauntlet Questions

Alchemist's Fire and Oil and Burning Targets

Uhg...Can We Skip to Combat Please?

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