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Is there any published mechanic for fooling someone who has readied an action into taking that action--whether it be a feint, some other bluff mechanism, or another thing entirely? Naturally this only makes sense for certain conditions--"I ready an action to shoot any dragons that teleport in" would be impossible in most situations (though an illusion spell might be interesting!).

If not, I'm considering just calling it a feint or Bluff-vs.-either-Sense-Motive-or-Perception check depending on the condition in question.


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Something like raising up a helmet on a stick to check for snipers? I don't know of a mechanic, agree with your proposed mechanics.

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Agree with Java Man - I don't know anything about a mechanic that allows it, but I'd allow a feint to to try and trick the foe into triggering the readied action in combat. If the readied action would be the trigger to start combat, Bluff vs Sense Motive makes sense.

Since there is no reliable way to know the trigger there is no reliable way to mimic it.

True, the "feinter" can only succeed if they are mimicing the proper trigger. Guessing that someone might be waiting to shoot the first person stepping into view, or set to attack anyone who casts a spell are decent guesses at times though.

Readied actions against spellcasters are very common, it would probably be pretty easy to fake the beginnings of casting a spell to draw the readied action. It's just probably going to be an attack that you are tricking them into doing early. If you are willing to take the hit on a successful feint, then I don't see why anyone would have a problem with it considering there is nothing written forbidding it.

From a non rule perspective, I support options other than "full attack" or "cast dazing fireball." Tactical choices and techniques enrich my enjoyment.

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