"Fast" Diplomacy to change someone reaction, where is the modifier?

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I recall a -20 modifier for trying to use Diplomacy to change someone attitude using a full round action instead of using 1 minute, but I am unable to find it.
It is a 3.x rule that wasn't ported over or someone can point me to the right page of the CRB/PRD?

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Same deal for Intimidate and changing a target reaction. It require 1 minute. There is any modifier to use that a 1 round action?

I'm not seeing it in the PRD, but it did exist in 3.5:

3.5 Diplomacy wrote:
Changing others’ attitudes with Diplomacy generally takes at least 1 full minute (10 consecutive full-round actions). In some situations, this time requirement may greatly increase. A rushed Diplomacy check can be made as a full-round action, but you take a –10 penalty on the check.

My guess is that it wasn't ported over.


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When I'm running PFS games I often have 3.5 converts try to do this, but to date I still haven't seen the option. One scenario even calls for it to end the fight early, which makes me think it's supposed to be an option.

PRD Diplomacy wrote:

Action: Using Diplomacy to influence a creature's attitude takes 1 minute of continuous interaction. Making a request of a creature takes 1 or more rounds of interaction, depending upon the complexity of the request. Using Diplomacy to gather information takes 1d4 hours of work searching for rumors and informants.

A request can be 'please dont fight' and on my table it needs only 1 round if you drop your weapons etc.

Secondly the RAW say '1 minute of continuos interaction'. You can start talking before a fight starts and 'finish' diplomacy during the fight.

Thirdly use roleplay. No chance to avoid the fight? Then end the fight with roleplaying .. drop weapons and start talking. One minute is not very long if you are talking. Do be honest .. you need a GM that wants roleplay and gives you the chance to end a fight in this way. Additionaly it depends on your enemy. Devils and daemons dont talk with a paladin.

At last i dont like the reduction of roleplay to a simple dice roll.


I've used the "make a request" rules before. They probably come the closest to what the OP needs. The problem is 1) making a request doesn't shift their attitude any, and 2) good roleplaying often takes more than 6 seconds to pull off.

1. Round
PC: 'We dont wanna fight. Lets talk a little bit. *drop weapon and full def*
BBEG: 'No talking. Will kill and eat you' *Attacks*

2. Round
PC: 'Hey i have an offer with a lot of good food' *full def*
BBEG: 'Good food? Let us talk.'

--Combat ends---

PC: 'Ok that is my offer ...' *talk talk talk*
Diplomacy check

Good roll -> BBEG: 'Sounds good my new friend'
Bad roll -> BBEG: 'Cant wait. Will eat you' *Combat starts again*

The problem is that a lot of players and GMs differ between roleplay and combat. Roleplay ends as soon as you roll initiative and combat begins. Roleplay has his mechanics, rules and possibilities. Combat too but they are different. A mixture is not possible in the mind of many players/GMs because combat is everything about Free/Move/Standard/Full 'Actions'. Roleplay has no actions .. it is just roleplay.

In my example we had 12 seconds of 'roleplay' during a fight followed by 48 seconds 'out-of-fight-roleplay' resulting in a diplomacy check.


It does sadden me when I read a scenario, develop a voice and mannerisms for one of the NPCs, and the PCs instead resort to rolling initiative. In one scenario the players encountered a hungry intelligent beast who joked about eating the Halfling in the group, and the Halfling's response was Slumber/Coup de Grace.

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