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Besides Cavalier and Paladin are there any other classes or archetypes/ Prestige classes that provide the Mount class ability?

Nature Oracle.

Divine commander Warpriest, bloodrider Bloodrager, mounted fury Barbarian. Note that the last two have the "Feral Mount" feature, not mount, for whatever that's worth.

Grand Lodge

Samurai, though they don't actually get much to support their mount through class abilities. Then there's things that could act as a mount, such as a Sylvan Sorcerer with a Roc, so i'm sure you could ride that.

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Druid, hunter, and ranger can get an animal companion; some of the choices can be used as a mount. In fact, they get a wider range of mount choices than a cavalier or paladin, especially the druid and hunter; although the paladin gets some nice extras from Divine Bond.

Scarab Sages

Sacred Huntmaster inquisitor has a full animal companion as well, that can be used for a mount. Any class can have a mount with three feats.

You could also take the Chivalry Inquisition as an Inquisitor to get the mount class feature.

Do you specifically need the mount class feature? Because in general the animal companion class features works almost exactly the same, except the mount tends to lack the share spell ability.

There is the Sohei Monk with Monastic Mount.

ngc7293 wrote:
There is the Sohei Monk with Monastic Mount.

That add no mount...

Sohei, oddly, still need 3 feats to gain a mount.

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