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Pathfinder Rules Questions Guidelines

Dark Communion and Take 10

Can potions be enhanced with discovery Enhance Potion with Sipping Jacket?

A question on Supernaturalist Druids

Can the Syringe Spear (AA) be filled with alchemist extracts?

Freebooter Ranger - Freebooter's Bond duration?

Crafting Time

May dhampir bite twice with grapple feats ?

Monks and "shields"

Can you Make See Invisibility Permanent on Someone else

Identify spell while blinded

Outsiders and Afterlife.

What type of creatures are esufey?

Multiattack as a player feat?

AoO quick question

Does Spell Resistance apply to effects from Magic Items?

Vigilante Warlock Mystic Bolts and Startoss Style

telekinetic reloading, Possible or no?

Skinwalker Shape Change & fighter favoured class bonus?!

Alchemist's 'brew potion'

Monk Scaled Fist and Combat Style DC

Combat Patrol and Combat reflex?

Combat in air ships during a storm

Oracle Mystery Bonus Spell Levels

Intimidation plus damnation feats double check

Sticky Poison and Infuse Poison

Does Warlock Mystic Bolt crit?

Amulet of Mighty Fists and Rags to Riches

Ninja Tricks: Combat Trick vs Style Master

Hold Up...Can Spider Whip Be This Cool?


Ice body and immune

Mascot archetype for familiars (UW version)

Ghost Rider Mount

does "Consume Memory" erase memory?


LIght cantrip+ sunrod?

Do multiple versions of the same spell overlap or replace one another?

Multiclass Gunslinger / Swashbuckler Deeds level

What Does a Parenthetical After Damage Reduction Mean?

Thanatopic Spell vs Vampiric Touch, descriptions outdated?

Startoss Style, Comment, Shower

Drinking Dragon Blood... is it evil?

Cleric Lightning Domain Power

How do multiple movement types interact with eachother in one move action?

Shift (Su):

Bard's Countersong and Critical Success / Failure

What happens if a Vampire bites an inert clone?

Harrow DoMT - Tyrant

Killing the summoner

Does readying onto higher initiative move the entire turn to new initiative?

Antipaladin and vmc cavalier order of the stars.

Magical Tail DCs

Abilities that recharge duration question?

Haste extra attack and stacking with similar effects

Remove fear / Unbreakable Heart

Tiefling question

Blighted Defiler clarification

Monk Related Questions

Blighted Defiler clarification

Spell based Temporary HP and Feat / Trait based Temporary HP -- stack?????

Add Non-witch Spells to Witch Spell List

Rakshasa's Fortune Arcana

Crating math

Crits on rapid shot, mounted AoO?

Am I right this is how the nail of blood works?

The Harpy's Captivating Song

What Does Capsize Actually Do?

Sqeezing and grapple

Could a Ghost Rider choose Order of the Saddle?

When class levels count as OTHER class levels

Silksworn Occultist and Trappings of the Warrior

Reaping strike and vital punishment

Deed of Renown: Hilt Hammer

Eldritch Scion Clarification


Reach Metamagic Animate Dead, how many undead can I make?

Interaction between outflank and paried opportunist with Fighter Tactics ot simular feature

Brass Knuckles Questions

How does the Deathsnatcher get it's stats?

Havocker Witch with Kineticist Dip

Pathfinder 1e animal training / combat training

Using Silent Image in Combat

Tripping with off hand

Question about Grappling and Attacks of Opportunity

Stacking arcane archer abilities

Venomous Stare / Anathema Interaction? (1E Mesmerist / Investigator)

Ascetic form and specified style strikes.

Missing Mythic Powers?

Bodyguard Feat (one FAQ to rule them all?)

Verduous Ooze

Dragon disciple Bloodrager bloodline or Sorcerer Bloodline

Starting square and Grace spell

Undead Druid and Wildshape

Flanking question on large creature

[PF1E] Need some clarification on Kinetic Blast vs DR and SR…

Inevitables and Memory of Function.

Mesmerist Touch Treatment

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