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Pathfinder Rules Questions Guidelines

Lingering Performance + Superstition

Beast Shape and Attacks.

Multi - Armed Monk Idea: Magical Dancing Handwraps?

Any way to make a weapon count as another weapon?

Jabbing Master Monk Build Rule Query

Leadership Multipliers

Path to remote Possession?

Alter self and prehensile tail

Transformative weapon question

Can a bard perform while polymorphed?

"Invisibility" & "Nondetection" Vs "See Invisibility" - Query for Players and DM's alike

Djinni Spin, Djinni Spirit Deafen confusion

Touch Spell

Is Mage's Disjunction subject to Dispel Magic?

Can the companion spell of the Contingency be cast by a different caster?

Hunter Question

Prehensile hair attack in activation round?

Shield Slam vs Multiple Victims

Two questions

Sorcerer and eldritch heritage feats

Kinetic Blast question.

Familiars and shield other

Improved Unarmed Strike and Natural Attacks

Use Magic Device

Monk (Water Dancer) and what it gets.

Actions, Spellcasting and Injured while casting

Enlarge Person Ends: Which Square Do You Take?

Combat Via a Sphere of Annihilation

Can you make Ghost Touch walls?

Can a picaroon use grit as well as panache?

Do you automatically know what Conditions affect your party members?

Temporal Paradox? (Overflank)

Reduce Person+Mage Hand

How bound are devils by contracts?

Elemental Ascetic Kineticist Kinetic Fist - Help plz

Sharding Weapon & Fragile Weapon Feats

Felling Smash: what is my attack bonus on the Trip?

Dragon's Breath Cartridges, Fickle Attack, and Misfire

Arcanist - School Understanding

Can incorporeals hear?

A few questions about style feats.

Unusually Short Tiefling

Is This A Legal Way To Get Alchemist Cantrips?

Torble familiar

Does Wall of Thorns "sink" and can it stack on top of itself?

Would this work?

Allying weapon and Kinetic Blast

Which would take priority power attack or elven thornblade ability?

Magus and Natural attacks: I still don't get it.

Cybernetic eyes and veemod

Does a creature's spell resistance apply against its own AoE effects?

Freedom of movement and Grasp of the Dead

Spell Sunder vs Invisibility

Another combat maneuver question (grab / trip)

RAE Musket

Monsters and multiple attacks

Stargazer, Witch, and hex access

Question about maintaining grapple

Wanderer (Monk; Human) Archetype

What is Base Speed, exactly?

Sensate Fighter question (Occult Adventures)

Grease and Tanglefoot Bag?

Whispering Gloves. Which version can i use?

Imposing warpaint

Bleed damage question

Does Feyspeaker "remove" or 'delay" the 4th level use of Wild Shape?

Duettist and Saving Finale

Eating angel or demon meat....yeah I know.

What level of a spell is euphoric cloud?

Spellbook as scrolls and related shenanigans

Choir of Blades + Hunter + AC

Mortal Usher: dedicated wrappings

How do I handle claws / natural attacks?

Do you lose the benefits of Two-Weapon Fighting feat if Enlarge Person drops your Dex below 15?

How to deal with Ring of Blinking, PC uses it continously.

Rapid reload & Repeating crossbows

Bane on Dragon Bane Dancing +5 Weapon

Does Fire of Vengeance only affect a single attack?

Succubus in a grapple.

Bloodline Familiar and Solar Bloodline

Player used “Substitute Class”! Is it effective?

Diamond Value

Protective Luck hex once per day?

Helpless Character?

Touch Spells & Holding a charge

Is there anything besides empower spell that would increase the range of a spell?

Arms of the Marilith: how do they work?

Focused Force Phrenic Amplification and Telekinetic Strikes

Improvised weapon mastery and imp crit

Forging either 2 Major Magic items or 1 Legendery

How do I correctly calculate how much loot to give at the end of a dungeon?

Flying and encumbrance

Combined attempt to craft a Masterwork Crossbow.

Types of bonuses. Is there a list somewhere?

Choosing to not use a feat

Shoei 3rd Level Fast movement

Does Protection from Evil Negate Unholy Damage?

Concentrated Fire and Attack rolls

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