The battle - spoiled myself and im only more worried, halp?


So I've read some of the gm reference sticky..and Im one of the players in my group.
What I read there only has me worried how the heck are we supposed to survive that battle? We got 3 melee dwarves and a more buffy/healy than combatty caster and we just got out heavily bruised from the old church outside trunau. Skreed got away if he was even in there, GM said someone did.

I thought about covering up the white crosses with canvas and running around with a similar picture on a makeshift banner to trick that catapult into firing at the invaders already inside and later takng the cat over without breaking it to lb a rock at a giant, see how he likes his own medicine.

Any player or GM whose party managed to live through the whole battle got any more ideas of what can be done from the players perspective to avoid making new character sheets?

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First of all... shame on you! :) That's why those are GM threads.

As for advice, I'd stick to the usual stuff. Know your group's limitations, stay together and hope/trust that your GM isn't out to kill you. There are lots of possible consumables, use them.

I gave my PCs two extra full rests through the siege and pushed them to their limits and still killed one of them.

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I gotta echo Seannoss, spoiling the content can create all sorts of silly problems. First off you have the basic problem of having ruined the surprise, and the risk that you inadvertently telegraph to the other players ruining it for them. Your GM may also choose to run sections off book, or make modification for some of the problems up coming. In which case your book knowledge can not only not help you, it is almost worse than not knowing as your expectation may result in preparing for a specific challenge which doesn't occur, wasting resources that could have been more appropriately spread out over other encounters.

I have some bad memories with being stuck in a few games, not having anyidea what to do next and now I'm more into the riddle of how to deal with something than to the surprise element, plus we have problems getting together lately and Im just getting impatient!


Luckily I didn't actually learn that much
- I leared theres going to be a battle..of course the whole book has the word so I shouldnt have been surprised anyway eh? Funnyhow it all fits into our characters backstory - we knew greenskins were on the move. Now we have enough clues to be near sure where they strike next. That also solves a problem of a player gone mysteriously missing. If he doesnt appear again we can now send his character home for reinforcements. So far hed been lying drunk in a barroom.
- i learned what those cross marks are probably for, that actually opens us an option or two instead of just letting the guards worry about that and dissappoint the GM. I think he'd want us to do something about those
-i learned theres going to be a giant..well duh! Its called giantslayer for a reason no? Not really a surprise much after the GM hinted us at infiltrators speaking giant tongue.
-i learned theres going to be a catapult firing at us. Frankly im glad I did. We've put some work to put our team together with a common backstory fitting each of us and it wouldnt be a nice surprise to suddenly lose coherence from people getting killed by " rocks fall you die" cause noone wojld wven guess to look up

so yeah, I dont want our team to suddenly fall apart cause the game at this point preferred to see some dead bodies and any ideas to help our survival is welcome, even if it does spoil some surprises

Although I do admit I'm more interested in what WE can do, than in what the game can do to us

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Look, I tend to read most AP's beforehand and then find out I'm a player. Knowing Boss A has sent Adjutant B with Minions C-to-F and that you have no way to counter Adjutant B's trump card shouldn't affect your judgment one bit. Maybe you survive, maybe you don't, maybe both happen(seen a PC turned into undead and continue being a PC) but the important point is to not act on the info you have, no matter how minor. Your character knows only what he knows and that's that.

Just play dumb and see how it goes. Who knows, dying might be exactly what you wanted!

Edit: Last time I decided to not act on metagame info the other players came up with a crazy plan that turned a hopeless boss fight around.

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