[Player] What books give info about the region Giant Slayer is set in?


As a player in a GS game, currently working our way through #3, I was curious to do some reading about the general area in Golarion that the world is set in. I currently only own the core rule book and don't know much about the rest of the setting.

Which books Should I get to read about the nearby kingdoms and general regional history?

I am unsure of their worth for a player, but the Pathfinder Campaign Setting books "Belkzen: Hold of the Orc Hordes" details the entirety of that area, and "Inner Sea Towns" features the town the AP starts in (among others across the Inner Sea region).

Those are more geared towards GMs, though.

Rhys has it right though, as he said, they're geared towards GMs. I'd say the Inner Sea Primer is sufficient for players to get a broad overview of the area.

You can also use Pathfinder Wiki to get a general overview of the campaign setting. If there's something you want to find out more about, the references will tell you which books cover the subject.

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There isn't much to read up on, especially from a player's view. The Varisia book will have a few locales on the western side of the mountains.

Inner Sea World Guide would have the best general information of the countries that border the Mindspin Mountains. And its also the best book to own for knowing more about Golarion.

Thanks for the help guys. This is better than "well. uh, nothing." :/

1.) Belkzen: Hold of the Orc Hordes
2.) Towns of the Inner Sea
3.) Inner Sea Primer
4.) Inner Sea World Guide
5.) Campaign Setting Book

I'd second (third?) the Inner Sea World Guide as the best option. It gives enough information for players to become familiar with the regions they'll play in, and since it covers all of the Inner Sea, it's useful for all of the Adventure Paths. Plus it's pretty cheap in PDF format.

The Players Guide is pretty good too.

shadowkras wrote:
The Players Guide is pretty good too.

No, not really. I read that and as someone ignorant of Golarion found it fairly confusing, given that there is no local map of the area given, and i had no know what the kingdom of lastwall is all about either.

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If you are ignorant of Golarion I recommend a few videos on Youtube. Just do a world of golarion check on youtube. Lots of good info there. Also take the map of the Mindspring area you get with the game and google/wiki each of the names or even better. First read all 6 books then wiki it all. Most of the names on the map actually refer to something happening in the books. Though not all locations.

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