Thematically, which deity would you choose to get the most out of this AP?


Of course there are always mechanics to consider, and I’m aware I want a beefy boy HP-wise, but I’m really a story guy at heart and without having anything TOO spoiled, is there a deity I could choose that would MOST link my faith into the plot without extensive rewrites?

Torag? Sarenrae? Gorum?

This one is interesting. Mostly religion-free, although you’d have the most connections (of the standard 20) with Gozreh, and there’s a weapon for Gorum. A good argument could be made to go deity-free in Giantslayer and choose to be a Shoanti shaman or the like instead. Or join the ranks of the 999 oracles in this AP.

HOWEVER. If you can square it with your backstory (Kellid nomad from the Realm of the Mammoth Lords with a trade mission to Trunau?), the deity you’ll get the most mileage of is...


Playing as a non-giant, CN worshipper of Thremyr would put you in the most number of interesting positions regarding your faith and its virtues than any other deity of the game.

Second choice, though, definitely Gozreh.

Um, why are you responding to your own question?

Your choice is… quirky. Gozreh, Gorum, Torag, Iomedae all make much more sense in this AP than an evil giant god. Thremyr could work in Book 4, with some finessing, but to what end? What would it get you in book 6?

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