About to start GS as a Spheres game. Should I keep as is or convert?


Like the title says, I'm starting Giantslayer with a very small (gestalt) party using Spheres of Might & Power systems. What I'd like to know is should I convert the entire campaign to the Spheres system, or leave it as is and hope for the best?

For reference, I've only got one player, and myself as a DMPC. I'm waiting for her to figure out what she's going to be playing before I finalize my DMPC to cover what her character can't in terms of gameplay necessity. Be it healing, trap finding (though I always feel a DMPC as a trap finder is somehow wrong), ranged dps, whatever. We've both been really digging on running Spheres Only games lately, mostly homebrew or modules, so both characters are likely only going to have sphere classes.

To make matters worse, she hates when I tone down campaigns to account for the lower number of party members. She's not a min-maxer by any means, but she loves the challenge to her creative thinking, which is the only reason I don't often fudge the enemy numbers. To be fair, I love her tackling it like a puzzle and coming up with stuff even I hadn't thought of. She's the type of player that would, rather than storm a room full of baddies we wouldn't be able to take on, blow up the roof and pick off the stragglers.... Hell, during a Rise of the Rune Lords game, managed to haggle for a (randomly rolled in shop) philter of love to convert a captures Tsuto to our side, and used her character's background (noble scion from Magnimar) to hire Orik Vancaskerkin with a promise of a lot of gold and returning to Magnimar. Also, took out an IOU (using family connections) with the local shop owner for two Elemental Gems, which made the "raid the fort during mass" much less of a clustercluck than I expected it to be.

So, with that in mind... Convert the baddies to spheres, or save myself the trouble and run as is?

Is the spheres of power system dramatically more powerful than standard spellcasting? If so, yeah, you'll probably need to in order for NPC spellcasters to keep up. If not, don't bother -- most enemy NPCs last like 2 rounds if that. Maybe if you have a major enemy who they see repeatedly, and gets the chance to cast lots of spells, you could do that one. NPC spellcaster allies maybe as well, since, again, they'll be seeing them a lot.

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