Dont split the party.. Spoilers from the plague house.. Do i really wanna be a gunslinger?


Silver Crusade

So.. After a couple sessions poking round town we figured out that we needed to go into the plague house.. i suggest waiting til dawn.. rest of the party says no we are going tonight.. So we went in with 3 heros and my wolf companion.

First floor was a bit before sunset so not too bad.

We poke around and get jumped by a few spiders.. my then hunter falls down a pit in middle of fight with a 1 on a reflex (we house ruled a decade ago that all 1s are fails or crit fails if we confirm w another 1 even if total beats dc)

I used my CLW on myself topped self back off.. two others pull me up.. crazy ghost rat things attack and almost kill my dwarf and halforc brother.

Game session over. Xp awarded. level up happens, no "heal" with leveling but otherwise we rule that everything is applied including new hp instantly. I went hunter1 then gunslinger 1(guntank) with a musket others took L2 in their initial classes

Session 2. We got the stairs room left to look in and some stuff on the second floor. We see a blue flame outside. Human Ranger and Elven Enhancment mage go to put out the fire. Halforc barbarian heads down stairs. I order my wolf E'luna to head and explore two rooms on the second floor, then follow my adopted kid brother downstairs (funny dynamic.. my folks adopted him 18 years ago, my folks died 12 years ago.. so my now 51 yr old dwarf has been raising a halforc for 12 years.. )

Party outside wolf goes right, human and elf go left. human gets mauled by the flood troll.. dropping to zero. mage reads scroll of summon swarm.. spiders end up killing the troll and human gets enhanced con for an hour and gains 2 hp and wakes up. Meanwhile wolf is fighting 3 giant centipedes and cant hit to save her life.. takes 6 rounds to kill the first centi. wizard ends up saving her after the human ranger stealth's and sneaks his way back to the temple in town.

Meanwhile downstairs. Halforc and dwarf are sneaking about, over the bear traps, thru the statue room into the main room.. not high enough of a perception to see the rogue we Know is down here. I bump into him, he aoo and misses. I fire musket, roll a 1 backfire for max (12) damage.. almost killing me.

I sneak off to try and flank.. brother throws axes at the rogue to keep him distracted. I get lined up perfectly.. take aim.. a 2. also a missfire with a musket.. Boom 8 more damage.. im down to 1 HP.

Brother rages charges.. manages to jump over the traps.. chases rogue.. into the anvil of my wolf and the wizard coming down the stairs. brother swings cripples the rogue. rogue throws down wpn surrenders, wizard enlarges person on raging barbarian.. he somehow grows too big to move through out of the space into the room.. sparing the life of the rogue. my wolf tears out the rogues throat as i yell my kill command in dwarven. Mind you im deafened from two musket shots backfiring into my face so i didnt hear the surrender..

My brother turns towards me and takes my musket, snaps it in half and so no gun, it hurts you to use it brother.

Session ends. Ranger is at the sanctuary in town, finds out whats what and is sneaking back to let us know. We find a CLW wand and all heal up.

DM offers me choice; With how lady fate has treated my musket shots I can either add the bolt ace archtype (i do already have MW underwater heavy crossbow from my rich parents), or use the broken broken musket as a pistol, or have a free retraining of the gunslinger level to something else.

Background, and thought process:

Now Ive played since the beta of wow as either a dwarven hunter with a wolf pet or a combat rogue. That was my concept for this character. I certainly like the touch aspect of the guns mechanically and as I am already playing a gillman bolt ace in skulls and shackles. I am leaning towards trying the pistol guntank.

Ive Run a bunch of AP's DMing for my main table, or a few others over the past dozen or so years including the following APs; Rise of the Runelords, Curse of the Crimson Throne, Kingmaker(4x), Carrion Crown, (homebrew campaign merging with the last 3 books of reign of winter)(first 4 books of wrath of righteous, until a TPK), Iron Gods(with kingdom building and heros ending at Level 26, Mythic10 accessions.) and played books 1-3 of Both Jade Regent and Serpents Skull. Currently on a pause before book 4 of Shattered Star with my brother running Giantslayer to bring that neighboring region up to the same point in our worlds AP/campaign timeline before we continue the tale of the Star or move onto PF2.

Im going to cross over into fighter at 3rd for tower shield specialist until level 5 and then was going to bring hunter/gunslinger to 5 each alternating and ending with noble scion 5 as were only planning to level 20 with this Path + some other quests to tie things all into the greater tables tale and this character is the son of some NPCs that i used for the first 5 years or so until they died on an adventure and did not get raised.

So long story short.. Over the decade we have worked our way from No Guns to Commonplace Guns rule, but as this Hold of Belkin is orcish our PC kingdoms would never have sold firearms to them, and frankly would have hunted down anyone that was and taken the guns from them.. we are using Emerging Guns for this tale.

I am leaning towards the pistol and tower shield combo. but aside from 3 mths last year as a ranger.. ive been on the dm side of thing makings and tweaking npcs, mobs to die in a few rounds that i cant even get attached too as i know they wont be raised. thats why i was thinking the wow dwarven hunter but with my twist on it. Guess im just rambling as that seems to be what i want to do.

thanks for reading.. and if you can make sense of this ramble.. your advice.

I would be pissed at the other PC for breaking your gun.
I would go with the gun.

Silver Crusade

Well he's been a buddy for close ta three decades... story wise it's what ida done as his character. no biggy though after all the gunslingers free starter weapon is broken for anyone else so raw and story wise it's cool fun and could explain how I got a pistol.. the broken musket I found backfired and almost killed me twice.. burnt off my beard in the backfires.. so little brother breaks it and turns it into a pistol for me..

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