Book 6 - possible spoilers


Hey guys,

So my party have just killed the fire giant king in a honorable duel.

They left ashpeak to get re-supplied etc, so i've got a few questions how you dealt with a few things

Firsty doesn't give a time scale, but I assumne that when/if the group is spotted by the tower in the crater where the keep is, that is when the colossal scorpion goes to work on cutting the chains?

Secondly, if the party kill all the mobs in the crater how long does it take until Voltus does the emergency take off?

Thirdly if he does take off when the party are in the keep how fast does it travel and where does it travel to?

If you can let me know what pages these are in the book be very grateful so I can read around them, it's possible i've missed this information when reading the book.

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