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Grand Lodge

In the tradition of a similar popular thread on the Rise of the Runelords forum I thought it would be fun to try and come up with more games for Ruby's Hopeknife Ceremony. These games provide opportunities for the party to meet locals also participating and get to know them before the more serious events that follow. Let me know what you think.

Note there are no second prizes.

Do you guys have any suggestions for games?


1.) Tug O’ War - As detailed

2.) THE SEIGE IS LIFTED - The contestents will eat bowls of seigestone porridge for one minute (10 rounds). The character (or NPC) who eats the most bowls of porridge in 1 minute is the victor. To continue eating the bland viscous porridge for the entire period the character must make a fortitude save each round (after the 1st bowl). A bowl of porridge is eaten in halves per standard action. A character can attempt to eat an entire bowl of porridge in one round but even during the 1st bowl this will cause a save at a higher DC.
a. Base DC 5 in round 3 / 7 to eat an entire bowl of porridge in round 1
b. +1 to DC for each ½ eaten
c. +2 to DC for each attempt to eat an entire bowl in one round.
d. Failing the save causes the character to pause for 1 round.
e. Failing by more than 5 causes the character to regurgitate their valuable porridge and disqualifying them.
f. Contestants: F +2, +4, +6 (Sara Morninghawk)
g. Ruby is one of the judges
h. Prize: 3 of Agrit Sagindsar's famous pies to clear the pallete

3.) Fi Fo Fum - Sgt. Frum sits in the middle of a 20 x 20 square in a chair, playing the part of a blinded giant (complete with garrishly colored blindfold). Players are human raiders eager to steal precious treasure from the blinded giant. Everytime a character crosses the square with his bag of loot without being caught by the giant they gain a point. Everytime they are captured they lose one point.
a.) NPC Contestants (+3, +6, +9 Ruby / LOOK UP CMDS)
b.) Prize: A smokey orange quartz (5g) called the Giant's Eye.

4.) The King of Bloodmarch Hill - Unbeknownst to the township this game is actually one that was long ago adapted from orcish celebrations. It has of course lost some of it’s bloodthirsty nature since it’s adaptation. A group of players wearing only trousers and a flag in their belts charge toward the top of a steep dirt hill. A contest of grappling and wrestling the player who is in the 5 foot square at the peak of the Hill at the end of 1 minute (10 rds) is the victor.
a.) Each square (except the summit) is difficult terrain requiring 2 squares of movement.
b.) A character or NPC who is pinned can have their flag removed and is disqualified from the competition.
c.) A character who is thrown off the base of the hill is disqualified.
d.) Anything short of non lethal damage is allowed (Grapple, Dirty Trick, Drag, Reposition)
e.) Prize: Bragging rights. 10 silver. The 'Bloodmarch Flag'. This game is often undertaken by new militia initiates hoping to achieve higher rank. Youths who win the competition are almost assured to be leading a patrol within the next year. How long they keep it is another matter.

5.) Horizon Watcher - Pick out the hidden signs! An attack may be upon us! The contestants are given clues and are charged with finding five hidden items throughout the village. Unlike the other challenges this game is a team exercise. There are three hints and four locations. The first to go to the final location with the items is the winner. There are multiple copies of each item at each location. Each team has a judge to follow them. Rodrik is the group's representative.

a.) "Second of it's line, Ever Watchful Under her Eye"
- A Knowledge History or Local DC 15 reveals that this is the Sanctuary given the fate of the Plague House and the gender specific 'her'. (Straight Int Check DC 15)
- Arriving there the group finds Brantos Calderon waiting with a smile. The group has to manage a Diplomacy check DC 10 to convince him to hand over the first mark, a medal with a letter 'R' engraved on it.
b.) "It is All We Have, Let Us Pray it Never Runs Dry."
- Knowledge Geography DC 13 or Knowledge Local DC 15 reveals that this is the Hopespring. (Straight Int DC 18)
- A small sack doll of an orc with X's for eyes is sitting at the edge of the rafters of the small building near the hopespring. Pegs have been driven into the wood allowing a spry climber (DC 15) to shimmy up and retrieve the doll. Unfortunately the third peg has been intentionally loosened and requires a DC 10 perception check to notice. A failed check causes the climber to fall taking d3 non lethal. The Doll has the letter 'U' stitched into it.
c.) "Crafter of the Ceremony, Walls of Iron and Thunder"
- Knowledge Local DC 13 to know that this refers to the Clamor. (Straight INT Check DC 15)
- A crude handaxe of orcish craftsmanship is hidden in a bucket beside an old anvil. A DC 15 Perception check will locate it. The haft of the axe has the letters 'B' and 'Y' slashed into it with some form of blade.
d.) If the players do not realize that at this point they are to return to Ruby allow them an intelligence check to realize that they must return to the girl.

Upon the search's completion and returning to the girl with the items Ruby will light a small fire built specifically for the game and call out, "The warning has been given!"

The Winners are applauded by all gathered and genuinely thanked by members of the crowd, teaching just how much the whole town owes those who are vigilant and sound the alarm during an attack.

Prize: A bag of 20 gold, and a bronze medal decorated with a hopeknife symbol surrounded by fire (worth 5g each)

Scarab Sages

These are awesome! I'm starting up this AP for my group tomorrow and I am totally using these. I'm doing a slight change to the Fi Fo Fum game though. There is a game we used to play at a Boffer LARP I went to many years ago called "Ring the Bell". Keeping with folkloric traditions, I'm changing the name to "Clever Jack"

Adapted to the system it looks like this:

Sgt. Frum stands blindfolded over a tin bucket with a padded lance, while a large iron spoon lies nearby. The goal of the game is for contestants to sneak up, grab the spoon, hit the bucket and scamper away without being noticed and especially hit by Sgt. Frum. Each time a contestant successfully hits the bucket they get one point. The game lasts for 10 rounds.

Contestants make Stealth checks against Frum's modified Perception score (total +2). If they fail the check, then Frum is alerted to their presence and are not able to score that round. If they succeed, they are able to grab the spoon and hit the bucket. They then have to get away from the "angry giant" by making a CMB check against Frum's CMD of 17. If this succeeds, they get their point and can continue next round. If the CMB check fails, they are whacked with the padded lance for no damage and are disqualified.

At the end of 10 rounds, whoever has the most points wins the game.

Grand Lodge

Sounds a lot better than my Fi Fo Fum game actually. It actually went pretty poorly. They enjoyed the eating competition and the scavenger like game but that one was considered to be kind of a failure.

It was mostly because it severely hampered the small size characters in the group.

I cut out King of Bloodmarch Hill because a combat of that size would have taken forever.

Not to take away from this thread (I think it's pretty cool), but have you seen this?


I don't have the Pathfinder version, but I do have the regular version and we used that for the festival.

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