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Currently the party is coming to part 3 of book 4 about to enter the tomb, I've read over it couple of times and can't see to find out if the PC's can locate any information on about completely destroying Skirkatla, can someone point it out which page it on or best way to incorporate this kind of information into the game?

Maybe get them on the path to find information about Skirkatla in a library or something similar?

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It's described in her stat-block on page 60.

Thank you very much!

Ok so the party have left the tomb, and killed everything including the decapitated lord.

Was wondering as the tomb giant still up and the Oracle still being alive, would it be wrong to make use of their abilities and bring back few of the creatures back into the dungeon, like the Baelmourn and could make it bit stronger using the body parts from the meat locker.

Going on the bases that an occupant has patrolled the tomb and seen the dead bodies, so knowing that someone has been in the tomb so would need to bolster the defences and defend Skirkatla from future intruders

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