Map of Adventure Locations - Anyone made one?


I'm wondering if anyone has done a map that shows the locations of the different important places from the adventure?

I'm thinking something like the map of the Mindspin Mtn's from book 3, that shows where Minderhal's Valley, Skirgaard and other places are located. It would need to show a little more of the area around the mountains but would be a good start.

I believe that one of the maps from the Giantslayer Poster Map Folio may have what you're looking for.

Product description wrote:
The second map shows the Mindspin Mountains, where the rest of the Adventure Path's action takes place.

Adam Daigle confirmed that the Temple of Minderhal and the kingdom of Kragnaroth are located on the map, as well as Skirgaard.

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It has Trunau, the Mindspin Mountain range, and Skirgaard.

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