Giantslayer Obituary Thread (THERE WILL BE SPOILERS)


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So continuing at a slower pace in the land of the Pandemic but we've had another couple of deaths sadly.... The front line tanks are hard to make survivable to the giants

Name: Erik
Race: Human
Class: Shaman
Adventure: Forge of the Giant God
Where: The Steelhand's Tomb
How: Battling Lokmurr (rebuilt with some Path of War levels) he succumbed to a deadly skweering critical hit from Heartspit to his chest after being crippled somewhat by the mould trap. Thankfully the gunslinger's crit on Lokmurr the following round avenged hm

Name: Oskan
Race: Oread
Class: Paladin
Adventure: Forge of the Giant God
Where: The woods near Shinnerman's Fortune
How: Fighting Grusark the cyclops he was sadly hit by a critical from the greataxe that removed his rocky head from his body

I like that in these parties of adventurers, there's just an 'Erik.'

Since I've just finished playing the adventure path, time to add my own:

Name: Hadvar Redtongue
Race: Ulfen Human
Class: Skald (Spell Warrior)

Death #1:

Adventure: The Hill Giant's Pledge
Location: Grenseldek's room.
Cause of Death: Grenseldek unloading a full attack into Hadvar. Damm anti-human rangers...

Fortunately, the friendly Iomedae ghosts in the nearby chapel raised him after we helped them.

Death #2:

Adventure: Ice Tomb of the Giant Queen
Location: Skirkatla's Lair.
Cause of Death: Skirkatla getting up close and personal. But it's my own damn fault - I should have stuck with my tried and true Agrimmosh # Buckler loadout instead of being tempted by that damn Undead Bane greataxe. Sure, it did more damage - but at a horrible cost to my defense!

This time, the druid decided to cast Reincarnate on Hadvar - and he returned as an ysoki (or "ratfolk"), as they were more commonly known. He thus picked the new name "Hadvar Twice-Fallen", and survived until the end of the campaign.

This was actually less of a problem to my playstyle than it might seem - thanks to Agrimmosh, I simply cast Enlarge on myself during the dungeon crawls, which allowed me to use most of my previous combat tactics (though I was a bit slower). Also, I started to regularly cast Mirror Image on myself, which was a real lifesaver.

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