Party Balanced


Hey my char died i need create a new one.

My party:

-Dwarf Warpriest lvl 4 (Dps Meele)
-Human Slayer lvl 4 (Dps Range, Trapfinding)
-Human Alchemist lvl 4 (Bomber)
-Half-Elf Summoner (all? xD)


Thanks for advice.

piss everyone off make a rage chemist who will Prc into master chymist.

I guess be the second full-caster if you're any good at playing them.

Maybe an Arcane based on buffing your dps/eidolon friends and handling all those Arcane problems (flight, see invis, teleport, etc.)

I was thinking in some evocation spellcaster sorcerer or flame oracle, but i dont know is better enchantment oracle or bard(low CD i think)

Sorry to hear about your character loss.
I'd suggest a Reach Cleric (heals keep toons alive in our Giantslayer games) or a Wizard. Evoker or Enchanter might work best.

A Bard will be very good at buffing your party as well, archer spec will let you help with damage a bit too.

What do you feel like playing?

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